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The Only Drivers Ed App Approved by the Texas DPS

We’re the easy and convenient way for Texas teens to complete drivers ed requirements. From your learner permit to your driver license, we’ve got you covered. 

choose your own driving instructor

Choose your own behind-the-wheel driving instructor

With this course teens are able to complete coursework through Aceable and do their driving with a professional instructor at a driving school of their choice.

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Online Drivers Ed App for iOS and Android

TDLR  and DPS approved interactive mobile and web content keeps teens engaged. Enroll with Aceable and skip the boring classroom lectures! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from the permit to the DPS requirements. 

How Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed Works in Three Easy Steps

  1. Start earning your permit online with Aceable, the only state-legal Drivers Ed course in Texas available on iOS, Android and web. Conveniently take the DPS permit test with Aceable on your phone, laptop or tablet!
  2. After you ace the course, head to the closest Texas DPS to pick up your learner permit. It’s time to start driving! The state of Texas requires that you complete 14 hours of training at a drivers school and 30 hours of driving practice with a licensed adult over age 21. Buckle up! You'll also need to complete the free ITTD program (The Impact Texas Teen Drivers program). 
  3. Head back over to the DPS to ace the driving test and pick up your Texas drivers license. You’re ready to hit the road!

Drive awesome with Aceable’s easy & Affordable app

This isn’t your typical boring Texas driving school

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These teen students earned their Texas learner permits through Aceable Drivers Ed!



Drivers Ed Has Never Been Easier

  • Take the actual permit written test in the Aceable app without going to the DPS!

  • The only driver education course available as an iOS app, Android app, and Online. We teach wherever and whenever you learn best.

  • Free in-app study tools help to ensure you pass.

  • Fulfill the Texas DPS drivers ed requirement.

  • 5-star teen drivers ed course with unbeatable customer service.

  • Freedom to choose your own driving instructor.

You'll be taking your permit picture at the DPS in no time!

You’ll be taking your Texas learner permit picture at the DPS in no time!

What are Texas teens saying about Aceable’s mobile app?

Aced by Aceable


“Incredibly user friendly and fun!!! The information provided was quite thorough and I did not even realize how much I learned until taking the tests. Thank you Aceable!!”  

Super Easy to Use


“This was fun and easy to use. Best part is that I can do it anywhere, anytime. I can work my wat through the course when I have a spare 30 minutes between my classes and sports or on the weekends.”

Best Drivers Ed App Yet!


“This app is sweet. I got to complete my course on the go with my iPhone. Y’all should consider making all of my high school courses too.. Just kidding. Thanks guys!”

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