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California Traffic School

California School License #E0803

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Why Choose Aceable?

Aceable defensive driving is the best choice for online traffic school because it saves you money — it’s quick and it’s convenient!

Don’t believe us? Check out recent reviews from users who have taken our online courses.

Our courses are the shortest allowed by law in each state we serve, and you can take the course anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Why waste time sitting in a classroom on the weekend when you can choose Aceable instead and complete your course quickly online?

Become a better driver and save money on your time with Aceable defensive driving and traffic school.

How It Works

Take care of court requirements

After you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, you will be mailed a courtesy notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles letting you know if you’re eligible for traffic school. You must plead guilty to the violation, pay all court fees & elect to Enroll in TVS.

Enroll in our course

Enroll in Aceable California Traffic School by notifying your court via phone or mail. Make sure that you do so before the court date listed on your ticket so that your request to enroll in traffic school is accepted. At this time, you will also pay the bail amount required by the court. Now you’re ready to get schooled.

Start traffic school

All you have to do to get started with Aceable is sign up in our app or online. We offer the fastest traffic school course allowed by law because we know you’re eager to complete the course and move on. You have 90 days to finish the full course, but with our mobile-friendly, interactive description, you can easily complete it in just a few hours.

Bye, bye ticket!

Once you finish Aceable Traffic School and pass your final exam in-app, we’ll report your completion information to the California DMV. We’ll notify you shortly after we process your completion status to let you know that it has been reported. And just like that, your traffic citation and subsequent points on your driving record will be masked. Yippee! Go. Be Free. But above all, drive safely.