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50 Spots to Chill Out And Knock Out Drivers Ed

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You may have to take drivers ed courses, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in a class bored out of your mind waiting for the instructor to move on to the next lesson. Break free of the classroom constraints with mobile-friendly drivers ed courses!

When everything you need is right there on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can knock out required drivers education wherever your heart desires - as long as you have an Internet connection. Which is basically everywhere these days.

Chill out in one of these 50 spots while you ace drivers ed in comfort instead of being confined to a classroom.

In line . . . anywhere. might as well use the time productively if you have to stand there.

At the library . . . no computer reservation needed.

In a public park

In the coffee shop . . . pretty sure Starbucks has made a gazillion dollars as a remote classroom at this point.

On a bus

In the car . . . only in the passenger seat.

On a boat . . . in your flippy-flops.

On the trolley

In a plane . . . until they make everyone turn off their devices.

In the airport

A zen garden . . . on silent, of course.

At the mall

Waiting at the DMV / DPS . . . any experienced driver will tell you you’re going to be stuck there at least an hour or two.

In the barber shop / salon

At Mcdonalds . . . the coffee has gotten a lot better and many locations offer free Wi-Fi. Take that Starbucks.

During study hall

Eating lunch at a cafe

On a bench at a scenic point

Relaxing by the pool

Chillin in a cabana . . . by the pool.

In your old treehouse

In the school auditorium

Sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event

In a quiet corner of a museum

Shopping and noshing at Whole Foods

Sitting on the porch

Your grandparents’ house . . . they might not understand how you’re doing your drivers ed courses on a phone, but they’ll be proud you’re taking the initiative.

Lying on the lawn

At a skatepark

At your friend’s house

The basement . . . in the one spot that gets reception.

Eating dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

The school parking lot

Around the neighborhood

At the dog park

The DQ . . . Dairy Queen for all y’all who aren’t lucky enough to live near a DQ.

Along a hiking trail

In the local bookstore . . . whatever one is still operating, be it a mom and pop shop or Barnes & Nobles.

In bed . . . on those weekend mornings when you don’t want to get up but your phone is within reach.

At your regular camping spot

At the grocery store ... there’s probably going to be a line at the check out.

On the couch

At the clubhouse

Floating on a lake

At the gym

In the garage . . . let the car-related stuff be your inspiration

Swinging in a hammock . . . if you can stay awake

In the backyard

During bathroom breaks

At home . . . this is why long-distance classes were created

Krista Doyle