25 Best Texas High School Baseball Stadiums and Fields

Hot days, balmy nights, the smell of hot dogs and nachos in the morning, afternoon, and evening...it is officially baseball season! Here are the 25 best high school baseball stadiums and fields in Texas.

1. Kerrville Tivy - Kerrville, Texas

Originally built around 2000, Kerrville Tivy's high school baseball field has one of the best natural grass playing surfaces in the state.

Kerrville Tivy Baseball Field

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2. Old Settlers Park - Round Rock, Texas

This behemoth boasts 20 baseball diamonds and two large pavilions. Old Settlers Park is also called the “crown jewel” of Round Rock, and hosts several Blue Diamond tournaments as well as Texas State Championships.

Old Settlers Park Baseball Field

3. Mansfield Field of Dreams (Brock High School) - Brock, Texas

Opened in March 2008, this huge sports park hosts youth and adult baseball and softball games.

Mansfield Field of Dreams Baseball Field

4. Austin Hyde Park - Austin, Texas

This gorgeous field is professionally turfed and doubles as a football field. Austin Hyde Park takes this field seriously by enacting a “no seed, no gum” rule.

Austin Hyde Park Baseball Field

5. Scotland Yard (Highland Park) - Highland Park, Texas

Renovated in 2016 with new synthetic turf, Scotland Yard looks (and plays) the part.

Scotland Yard Baseball Field

6. A.C. Jones High School - Beeville, Texas

This massive field plays home to both A.C. Jones High School and the Coastal Bend College Cougars.

A.C. Jones High School Baseball Field

7. Plano East High School - Plano, Texas

This well-maintained field boasts a dugout, bullpen, press box, and locker rooms, as well as plenty of equipment, including infield tarp, drags, chalk liner, and drags.


8. Sunnyvale High School - Sunnyvale, Texas

This gorgeous stadium also comes with a softball stadium, tennis courts, and a facility for restrooms and concessions.

Sunnyvale High School Baseball Field

9. Glen Rose - Glen Rose, Texas

Home to both youth teams and Glen Rose High School, this artificial grass field boasts covered dugouts, a bullpen, bleachers, and good lighting.

Glen Rose Baseball Field

10. Prosper High School - Prosper, Texas

This mesmerizing field came as part of the school’s addition of a two-story educational facility with indoor training, recreational fields, auditorium, and gym.

Prosper High School Baseball Field

11. Odessa High School - Odessa, Texas

Odessa’s field implemented Matrix®️ Turf in 2014, which increases efficiency in water consumption. The same turf installed at places like the AT&T Stadium, UC Berkeley, and Baylor University.

Odessa High School Baseball Field

12. Shiner Starplex - Shiner, Texas

Bleacher seating is limited, so bring chairs or blankets. Boasts a long range for epic home runs.

Shiner Starplex

13. Cameron Yoe High School - Cameron, Texas

Commissioned in 2015 as part of a $5.65 million bond to fund improvements to Cameron’s athletic facilities, this gorgeous field got all new synthetic turf.

Cameron Yoe High School Baseball Field

14. Henrietta - Henrietta, Texas

This artificial turf field has bleachers, covered dugouts, restrooms, and good lighting.

Henrietta Baseball Field

15. Wright Field (Dallas Jesuit) - Dallas, Texas

The state-of-the-art field completed renovations including turf installation, sunken dugouts, and chair-back seating.

Wright Field

16. Gruver High School - Gruver, Texas

This $2.7 million project features press boxes, grandstands, a concession stand, and even a playground.

Gruver High School Baseball Field

17. Lindale High School - Lindale, Texas

Features covered batting cages, onsite dressing/locker rooms, and covered seating for 657 people.

Lindale High School Baseball Field

18. McKinney Boyd High School - McKinney, Texas

This well-lit grass field provides bleachers, covered dugouts, and a bullpen.

McKinney Boyd High School Baseball Field

19. Liberty Hill - Liberty Hill, Texas

Located next to Liberty Hill high school and home of the Panthers.


20. Mumford High School - Mumford, Texas

The Mustang’s field comes complete with a bullpen, dugouts, and a press box.

Mumford High School Baseball Field

21. Big Spring High School - Big Spring, Texas

Open year-round, with a bullpen, dugouts, and restrooms.


22. Georgetown Eastview - Georgetown, Texas

Be sure to bring a blanket. No chairs or gum allowed.


23. Crowley High School - Crowley, Texas

This artificial field is green year round and boasts lights, covered dugouts, a bullpen, and a batting cage.

Crowley High School Baseball Field

24. Farmersville Baseball Complex - Farmersville, Texas

This recently completed complex provides a batting cage, dugouts, and a restroom.

Farmersville Baseball Complex

25. Kennedale High School - Kennedale, TX

The Wildcats’ baseball field underwent “turfing” in 2013 as part of a $1.7 million renovation project.

Kennedale High School Baseball Field

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