How to Get Your Ohio Permit & Drivers License

How do you get a permit & drivers license in Ohio?

TIPIC vs. Probationary License vs. Full License. Ahhhh , strong overwhelming feeling... Lucky for you, we've compiled all the information you need to know about the steps involved in getting your Ohio license.

It may seem like there are a lot of steps to get your Ohioan license, but Ohio has purposefully added these steps to help new drivers. These three stages are designed to slowly ease teens onto the roads with all the knowledge necessary to be safe drivers.

What are the different types of Ohio drivers licenses, and when can I get them?

  • Temporary Instruction Permit: You can get this once you are 15 ½ years old
  • Probationary License: You can get this after you turn 16 and have had your TIPIC for at least 6 months
  • Full License: You can get this once you are 18 years old & have completed all the probationary license steps

What is an Ohio TIPIC and how can I get one?

You turned 15 ½, congrats! You get to apply for a temporary instruction permit, how exciting. You and a parent can now make your way to your nearest driver licensing exam station.

What do I need to bring to the BMV to get a TIPIC?

  • US Birth Certificate or US Passport
  • Social Security Card or W-2 Form
  • A document that proves your street address like a utility bill or school record

Check out this BMV form with more information on acceptable documents

At the BMV, you must pass a knowledge exam as well as a vision exam. No need to panic, the 40 question multiple-choice test should be easy once you’ve completed the first few hours of a drivers ed course . The BMV also offers a free practice test which we highly recommend you take a look at. If you fail the knowledge test, fret not! After waiting 24 hours, you can attempt the test again with no limit on the number of times you can try again. Once you pass both tests and pay the $22 fee (with cash, check, or money order), you’ll receive a receipt that you then have 60 days to take to your nearest DMV deputy registrar's office. There you’ll get your temporary instruction permit identification card (TIPIC). Yay, you can get behind the wheel!

What restrictions do I have with a TIPIC?

  • If you're under 16, you have to be accompanied by either a parent, guardian, or driving instructor every time you drive.
  • If you’re over 16, you can have anyone over the age of 21 in the passenger seat
  • If you’re under 18, you cannot drive from midnight to 6:00 am unless you are with a parent, or guardian with a driver license.

Yay, you can start driving! Before you can move on to Step 2 and get your probationary license, you must fulfill these driving requirements.

What drivers ed requirements do I have to do?

  • 24 hours of classroom instruction, which can be done with Aceable’s app
  • 8 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction
  • 50 hours of driving with a parent or guardian (10 hours must be at night)

Guy Fieri Driving This could be you with your TIPIC. Bleached hair highly optional.

What is an Ohio Probationary License and how do I get one?

If you’re over the age of 16 and have had your TIPIC for at least 6 months, you can schedule your road test online and then take it at your local BMV .

What do I need to bring to the BMV to get my probationary license?

  • Your parent or guardian
  • Certificate to show you completed an Ohio driver’s education course .
  • Form BMV 5791 “Fifty Hour Affidavit” to prove you’ve driven 50 hours with 10 hours being at night.
  • A car to take the driving test
  • Cash, check, or money order to pay the license fee. Note: Fee varies depending on age.
  • 16 years old: $24.25
  • 17 years old: $23.00
  • 18 years old: $21.75

After passing the road test, another vision test, and providing proof of all 50 hours of driving practice, you’ll get your probationary license! Woo-hoo, no more driving with mom & dad! With this license you can drive alone, but of course, there are some restrictions.

What restrictions do I have with a probationary license in Ohio?

  • For the first year that you have your probationary license, you cannot drive between midnight and 6:00 am unless you are with a parent or guardian, are driving to work, are driving to a school function, or are in an emergency.
  • You may not have more than one passenger who is not a family member if you are driving without a parent or guardian.


  • A conviction of a traffic offense within the first six months of having a probationary license may result in a parent or guardian having to accompany you for six months or until you're 17 years old.
  • Multiple traffic convictions before your 18th birthday may result in a license suspension. For alcohol-related convictions, your license will be suspended for at least six months.

All of these would suck , so please drive safely! Don't be like Haley Dunphy.

Away from the kids! Aim for the lake!

What is a full license and how do I get one in Ohio?

Once you have passed through both the TIPIC and probationary license phases of the licensure process, and have turned 18, you now have a full drivers license in Ohio! Yasssssss!!! The best part? You don't have to take any more tests, and you don't even have to go to the BMV. Your license will automatically update to be a full license with no restrictions on your 18th birthday. Although you can drive at any time, we still don’t recommend scenic drives in the middle of the night.

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