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Ohio BMV Guide

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (why they don’t call it the DMV, we don’t know. Maybe something to do with them being the Buckeye State) is a government organization that is in charge of pretty much everything related to cars and the licensing of drivers in the state of Ohio. It handles similar responsibilities held by the Department of Motor Vehicles in other states. If you’re looking to get an Ohio drivers license or learners permit, register your vehicle or renew your plates, you’ll need to visit a BMV office or testing station at some point.

The BMV is a huge organization that is in charge of the nearly 8 million licensed drivers in Ohio and a total revenue of nearly $600 million in 2016. Because of its sheer size, it can be hard to navigate and understand the BMV. We wrote a guide to help make the BMV more manageable!

Ohio Drivers License and Permit Info

Getting your license for the first time? Need to renew or replace your license? We made a guide that helps explain most things about driver's licenses in Ohio. Plus we have some pretty awesome drivers ed courses to help you get that drivers license!

Find an Ohio BMV office

If you need to go to the Ohio BMV to renew your registration, get your license for the first time, or anything else, you are gonna need to know where the BMV office is! We made a guide to help you find the office nearest to you as well as find the hours of operation!

Registration and Title in Ohio

Registration and Titles can be confusing sometimes, especially if you lose them! We made a guide on how to change titles, replace lost registrations, and pretty much anything else you can think of when it comes to registration and titles in Ohio!

Ohio BMV Forms

The Ohio BMV, like many other state agencies, loves its paperwork and forms. So it's essential to know what forms you need and where to find those forms. We here at Aceable, got you covered! We made a guide that outlines everything you need for the Ohio BMV!