How to Pay Your Toll Road Fine in California

Toll roads are usually a simple, predictable way to travel through California. There is generally less traffic on a toll road, along with higher speeds and sometimes more direct routes. The downside to driving on a toll road is, well, the tolls. It's not fun to have to pay not only for gas for your car, to maintain your car , and also just get to where you're trying to go!


If your normal route to school or work involves a toll road, you probably have a FasTrack or ExpressAccount in order to pay your tolls electronically as you drive. This is definitely the best option for drivers who use California toll roads regularly. This keeps you from racking up expensive toll violations on top of having to pay the normal fees. ExpressAccounts have three different billing options, allowing you more freedom in how you pay to drive on the roads. Cash and credit card payments are also available in person at some service centers .

For those of us who don't find ourselves on toll roads often, paying the one-off fees makes more sense. You can pay your tolls up to five days before or five days after driving on one of California's toll road by visiting and entering information about your vehicle. There is also a handy toll calculator on the website that allows you to prepay if you know ahead of time that you will be driving on one of the many toll road throughout the state.

And if you choose to not pay those tolls within five days of your drive, you end up with some expensive violations. By entering the reference number and violation number on the notice you receive in the mail, you can see all of your tolls plus fines and pay them easily online.

California toll roads can be a super convenient way to travel throughout the state, as long as you plan ahead or are sure to remember to pay those tolls within the five day window.

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Krista Doyle
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