A Guide for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

When your teen's sixteenth birthday approaches, you probably worry about your teen getting behind the wheel of a car. But if you teach them properly, they'll become safer drivers, causing you less stress. Learn the proper techniques for doing so in our helpful guide.

How to Teach Your Teen to Drive

If you master these tips on teaching your teens how to drive, your teen will ace their test after learning from you.

Give Gentle Feedback

Keeping calm and properly giving your teen gentle feedback will increase the odds of them actually listening to you. Start by avoiding talking about touchy subjects like bad grades or a tough loss so they don't lose focus. Next, praise their successes like using their turn signal, and don't put them down on any mistakes. Finally, ask them driver's ed questions about situations they encountered, like "What does your course say about driving in the left lane?"

Make Them Safe

Helping your teens stay safe on the road is one of the most important things you can teach them. The best thing you can do for them is to model the behaviors you want them to practice. So never use your phone or be an aggressive driver when you're behind the wheel. You can even get them to sign a contract that they'll be smart whenever they drive.

Have a Talk 

There are five conversations you should have with your teen before they get their license so they don't take advantage of their privilege.

  • Set ground rules — Talk about a curfew, who can be in the car, or what they can use it for.

  • The drinking and driving talk — While it seems like common sense to not drink and drive, kids may decide to take the risk. 

  • Tell a funny story — Lighten the mood a bit by telling them something funny that happened to you while learning to drive.

  • How to get comfy — Instruct them on how to adjust the seats and mirrors so everything is in the perfect position.

  • Figure out a schedule  — Talk to your teen about when they need to complete all of their driving coursework.

Stay Calm

If you get angry or put your teen in stressful situations, they'll get frustrated and lose their focus. The first way you should keep your calm with your teen driver is by starting small. Do this by making them familiar with the car before they start and keeping them on shorter routes. Your teen will also appreciate not learning during rush hour or in a packed parking lot. Don't even think about having your phones on either. You don't want to get angry at each other for checking your phones.

Know the Details

Your teen has enough things on their mind, so know every part of the licensing process so they don't miss a step. 

  1. Help them get their permits. Make sure you know what forms they have to fill out, have their payment for the DMV, and schedule their physicals or eye exams if required.

  2. Help them study for their knowledge test. Once they pass this, they can get their permit. Learn what types of questions are on their tests and find examples to quiz them on.

  3. Teach them how to drive once they get their permits. Know your state's requirements for behind-the-wheel hours and driving logs. 

  4. Prepare your teen for their behind-the-wheel test. Take them to an empty parking lot where they can practice tested skills such as parallel parking, three-point turns, and parking.

Get Your Teen Ready for the Road

Know what goes into parent-taught driver's ed if you plan on teaching your teen to learn to drive. Another way you can teach your teen the rules of the road is by signing them up for a driver's education course through Aceable.com. They'll learn how to become a safe driver through bite-sized lessons that they can do at their convenience. 

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