Aceable Is The Future of Driver's Education in California

Aceable Drivers Ed has grown up since we first launched our California Drivers Ed course back in 2015. We decided it was time for our California course to get a glow up. Our team of instructional designers, writers, and software developers has been hard at work creating a dynamic and fun learning experience that we know our students are going to love! 

At Aceable, we believe drivers ed can be fun, educational, and empowering. We want our students to be “Aceable” drivers, which means they are confident, conscientious, and safe drivers for life. That’s why we put so much effort and heart into creating our courses. 

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • What makes Aceable’s new course different from every other drivers ed course

  • What we’re doing to ensure our students become safe, confident drivers

  • How we created our new course to meet the specific needs of our California students

Why We Updated the Course

New drivers have so much to learn! We have a lot of empathy for our students and want them to be successful. Our goal in creating this new course was to create a premium drivers ed learning experience that teaches our California students what they need to know to be Aceable drivers.

To be a safe, confident driver, you need to know: 

  • The rules of the road 

  • What traffic signs mean

  • How to operate and maintain a vehicle

  • How to drive on the highway

  • How to park

  • What’s happening in front of the car, behind the car, and next to the car at all times

  • Why getting distracted by phones or other passengers is so dangerous

  • How to check your blind spots

  • What a blind spot is

  • How to slow down without slamming on the brakes 

  • How to gauge whether you are following another vehicle too closely

  • How to avoid getting in an accident

  • How to change a flat and jump a battery

  • What to do if you get in an accident

  • What to say to your ride if they’ve been drinking

  • How to handle extreme weather situations 

  • What to do when you feel anxious about driving

  • And more!

It’s a lot!  

We want our students to do more than just pass the test; we want them to be driving experts. That’s why we take so much care to create drivers ed that’s fun, engaging, and enables our students to apply what they learn when they are in the driver’s seat. 

Here’s What’s New:

More Ace! 

We hear over and over from our students that their favorite thing about the course is our loveable instructor, Ace the robot. Here’s what students have said:

  • “That the robot was a comedic character that helped motivate and, ironically, humanize the experience.”

  • “Having Ace makes it feel less stressful, like I have someone other than my parents to help guide me through it. His instructions and the way he cares help immensely.”

  • “He’s skrunkly” (Urban Dictionary: A skrunkly is something you love, hold dear, or otherwise enjoy greatly that is kinda- funky looking.)

  • “It was my favorite because Ace talked as if he was talking to me in person or a normal conversation between friends.”

Skrunkly was a new one for us, but we love learning new things here at Aceable. 

New learning games! 

Maybe it’s just because we’re education science nerds, but we think learning can and should be fun and engaging. That’s why we upgraded our California course with some brand-new learning activities. 

In addition to multiple-choice questions, students can now engage with colorful images, matching games, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Clickable image questions

Matching games



Faster, friendlier learning experience. 

Our students wanted less clicking and more scrolling. Heard! 

Our new design is much more mobile- and human-friendly. You can scroll vertically through the content the way you would when reading an online article. No more clicking from slide to slide every few seconds. 

This is not only a nicer user experience, but it also reduces the time it takes students to complete the course. The same update in our Texas course enabled students to finish 32% faster!

New modern images and videos.

We had a lot of memes before. They were funny and even, dare we say, cutting edge back in 2015, but a lot’s happened since then, internet-wise, so we felt it was time for an update. 

We replaced the memes with new educational images and videos to help convey course concepts. Our students say the new images have really helped them learn. Here’s what some of our students had to say: 

  • “It helped me the most as a visual learner.”

  • “The images helped visually separate the content and helped the info stick in my brain.”

We also did a complete refresh of our videos. The voiceover, content, and animation are all new, but Ace is still classic Ace. 

Aceable Is the Future of Drivers Ed in California

Why settle for a dusty drivers ed course stuck in the past when there’s something made just for you with the technology, modern design, and convenience you expect of any product you purchase? If you shop around around for drivers ed courses, we think you’ll find that Aceable is the obvious choice.

We tailor the learning experience to the specific needs of our students.

We surveyed parents of teen drivers in California to find out what California drivers care most about when it comes to driving. 

Here’s what we learned:

With this research in mind, we created customized content to address these specific concerns, including a special downloadable Driving Anxiety guide just for our California students.

We take students from nervous novices to confident, safe drivers. 

While we definitely want our students to ace their driving test, our real mission is to create drivers who are ready for whatever the California roads might throw at them. We go above and beyond the state-required curriculum to ensure our students feel confident and safe when they get behind the wheel. 

Ready to be an Aceable driver? Learn more about our new and improved drivers ed course and get started today!

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