Top Tips for Driving in a Convertible or Drop Top

The sun is glowing on your skin and the wind is blowing through your hair. This kind of epic awesomeness can only come from driving a drop top. It’s the type of vehicle that begs you to leave your worries behind and drive off somewhere scenic.

Convertible Summer

Convertibles are perfect for those scenic summertime drives

But the exhilaration of driving a convertible comes with added risks and responsibilities. If you're planning on driving in a drop top this summer these tips will help you stay safe while you have fun.

Drop Top Driving Tip #1 - Know How to Work the Top

Before you can cruise with the top down you’ve got to know how to drop the top. Take a few minutes to practice opening and closing the top a few times. It’s also a good idea to read up on when it is and isn’t safe to work electronic tops. For instance, putting the top up while you’re moving is almost always a no-no.

Drop Top Driving Tip #2 - Always Buckle Up

No matter what car you’re in, always buckle up. It’s the law and it’s just plain common sense. In a convertible, drop top or T top it’s an absolute must due to the added risk if a collision occurs.

Bob Belcher Buckle Up

Listen To Bob and buckle it up

Drop Top Driving Tip #3 - Wear Shades

Sunglasses provide two major benefits when you’re driving a convertible. Those benefits are reduced sun glare and less wind whipping in your eyes. Both can be major distractions when you’re driving.

Guy Fieri Shades

Follow Fieri's lead and wear shades

Drop Top Driving Tip #4 - Never Leave Valuables in the Car

Don’t give thieves an easy score. Always lock up and keep valuables out of sight, especially if you have a rag top convertible that can be cut open.

Drop Top Driving Tip #5 - Cut the Noise by Rolling Up the Windows

One of the few downsides of driving with the top down is wind noise. You can hear other passengers and the radio a lot better by keeping the side windows rolled up when the top is down.

Roll up your windows

Roll up those windows

Drop Top Driving Tip #6 - Keep a Few Environmental Essentials in the Glove Box

In a convertible or T-top you’re more exposed to the elements. Plan to thwart mother nature by keeping sunscreen, a windbreaker, caps and hair ties in the glove box or center console.

Drop Top Driving Tip #7 - Tops Up During Bad Weather

When the weather takes a turn it’s time to put the top up. Rain, or worse, hail, is a serious distraction that can compromise components and make the seats a mess. As soon as you notice signs of a storm, pull over and make sure the roof is securely in place.

Drop Top Driving Tip #8 - Secure Loose Items

The second you take off with the top down everything that isn’t secured is going to blow around. Make it a rule that all garbage is kept in a trash bag. It’s also good practice to do a quick check for loose items before putting the car in gear.

Secure Loose Items

Those umbrellas were not secured

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