Common Traffic Signs

Videos Defining the Most Common Traffic Signs

Do you ever look at all those traffic signs and think, “What does it all mean?!” Worry no more! Aceable is here to walk you through the most common traffic signs you'll be seeing out on the road after getting your driver license.

Other Safe Driving TopicsSelect a TopicPreparing to DriveBasic Driving ManeuversDefensive Driving BasicsDistracted & Impaired DrivingDriving in Hazardous ConditionsDriving in Emergency SituationsUnderstanding Right of WayCommon Traffic SignsVehicle MaintenanceYou shouldn't be confused by road signs and traffic signals, especially if you're driving. Traffic signs and traffic lights make up a huge majority of tools called traffic control devices. These devices, along with pavement markings, are meant to keep everyone on the road safe by controlling how people get to drive and when they get to do it. Basically, the traffic flow is controlled and regulated by these traffic control devices.

Street signs are like Pokemon. Some you’ll see all the time and know exactly what they mean and some you’ll only see on rare occasions and aren’t super sure about them. What we want to do is make sure you understand each of these traffic signs, even the rare Legendary Pokemon ones. Whether it's a standard stop sign, or a less common one like a hazardous area or road work sign, you should be prepared for anything that comes your way.

When we’re talking about common road signs, we mean things like: Stop signs, Sharp Turn Ahead signs, and Yield signs. When we talk about rare signs, we mean signs with unusual names that you don’t see as often, such as Crossbuck, T-Junction, and Crossover. All of these are super important for you to know and understand if you want to be a safe, smart driver who cares about traffic safety (and you do, trust us). Being a boss at understanding road traffic means being a safe driver- something you'll definitely be when you get your driver license.