Texas Handsfree Audio Defensive Driving Course

  • Guaranteed State-Certified and Texas court-approved, or we’ll pay you $1000¹.
  • Save On Your Insurance: Many insurance companies give up to a 10% discount².
  • Fast & Easy with multitasking freedom! It’s like an audiobook that erases your ticket.
  • Superior Learning Experience: Our modern technology ensures you can apply and retain what you’ve learned.
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“Listening to the defensive driving course helps you visualize the driving situations as you hear it. Listening research shows your brain is making a movie in your mind as you listen, which is a great technique for making you feel like you are behind the wheel while listening to the course. Aceable’s audio delivery is clear and easy to listen to, which makes the course go quickly.”

Monica Brady-Myerov, Listenwise Author & Auditory Expert
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Finally, Defensive Driving Without The Screen Time

This all-new audiobook-type defensive driving course allows you to leverage mindless moments while you envision the lessons, soak in the material and wiz through the course without being glued to a screen for six hours.

Simply, open the Aceable app, press play, drop the phone in your pocket, and go. This audio-only course gives you the freedom to dismiss your ticket while walking the dog, washing the dishes, or driving the kids to school. The possibilities are endless. Check out the sneak peek!

Defensive Driving Can Save You Money!

We all know the benefits of defensive driving courses, they can sharpen your driving skills, reduces driving anxiety, and dismisses traffic tickets. But did you know that many insurance providers give up to a 10% discount? Learn how to claim your defensive driving discount.

In a recent study, we found that 65% of people surveyed were using defensive driving just for the insurance discount. See if your provider is in the list below.

Why take the audio version?

If you learn best through audiobooks and podcasts versus pictures and books

If you have endless chores to do… and you can’t avoid them!

If you learn prefer listening to reading

If you want to cut back on screen time

How it Works

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1. Double-Check Your Eligibility

Before you begin, make sure you’re eligible for online traffic dismissal, as certain traffic offenses are prohibited from this course. Ask permission from the court in person or via email. A driver license, car insurance and court fee are usually required.

Download the Aceable App

2. Download the Aceable App

To access the best user experience, download the Aceable app in your mobile app store after purchasing our course. There, you can access our start and stop feature, along with screen lock mode and more.

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3. Get Started Anywhere Hands-free

Our hands-free audio course is designed to start and stop on command. Whether you’re on a run or on the road, you’ll have the flexibility to listen at your convenience. Plus, it only takes 6 hours to complete!

Certificate of Completion

4. Bring your certificate to court

Once you’ve completed our course and passed your test, you’ll need to provide your Aceable certificate of completion and driving record to a court. Voila! Your ticket is gone.

I do mosaics and stained glass for a living so I can just put my earbuds and look at my saw and glass and what I'm actually putting my hands on and still take in all the information.


You know how sometimes like when you're reading a book or listening to audio book sometimes like time flies? That's what this course felt like.

ALEX, Texas

I love that it was an audio version of defensive driving. It was super convenient to do while I was busy at work, and allowed me to multitask and get this done at the same time.


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Piggy Bank

Use Defensive Driving To Save On Your Insurance

A defensive driving course may sound like a punishment… but did you know it can help you save up to 10% on your car insurance?

¹ Pay you $1000: A student is only eligible for the $1000 guarantee if the student has not completed the course, earned any certificates, or been filed with any institution. The request must be made within 30 days of purchase, must provide documentation from the court that the court does not accept the hands-free audio defensive driving course as a method of dismissal for the following approved violations outlined by Texas DPS, and must follow all terms and conditions outlined here. More restrictions may apply.

² Insurance: Insurance discount is not guaranteed by Aceable and will depend on the requirements set by your insurance provider. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see how much the discount will be and if it is applicable to you.