Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts in Texas

When you hear “defensive driving course,” you’re probably thinking that it’s a consequence for having a traffic ticket or trying to salvage your driving record. Here’s something you may not know: taking a defensive driving course can actually save you money in the long run.

Defensive Driving Defensive driving can save you money!

Many insurance companies offer discounts on auto insurance if you take a defensive driving course. A defensive driving course (sometimes referred to as “traffic school”) covers all the fundamentals of safe driving. Your course may include: crash prevention techniques, state traffic laws, an overview of your vehicle’s safety equipment, general safety techniques, how to behave in the event of a crash, and many other topics that promote safe operating of a vehicle. Insurance companies reward completion of a defensive driving course because it’ll hopefully make you a better and safer driver, which means fewer accidents.

If you’re itching to save some money on your auto insurance in Texas, you should definitely consider taking a defensive course voluntarily (as in, you weren’t ordered by a municipal court to take it). Your wallet will thank you.

Thanks Dude What your wallet will be doing

Where to begin? If you’re looking for a defensive driving course in Texas, we’ve got you covered: Aceable lets you complete Texas-authorized online defensive driving on your phone, computer or web-enabled device in just a few hours. Plus, Aceable defensive driving is approved by the Texas Education Agency and all Texas courts. It’s the most convenient and hassle-free way to get your defensive driving done.

Here are some defensive driving insurance discounts (and how to claim those discounts with your insurance company) you can take advantage of if you’ve completed defensive driving in Texas. Please note that a majority of these discounts may require that you be over 50 years old.


Texas drivers could save up to 10% on applicable coverages by completing an approved defensive driving course. Check your policy here .

Geico Defensive driving Up to 10% off on your insurance


In addition to a defensive driving discount, you could save up to 10% additionally with an accident free discount if you have at least 5 years of driving experience and have been free from at-fault accidents and major violations for the last 5 years. Check your policy here .

Nationwide With Nationwide you can get up to 10% off

State Farm

You may be eligible for a discount for taking a defensive driving course if you are the principal driver of the vehicle, and have voluntarily taken and completed an approved Driving Safety Course within the last 3 years. Check your policy here .

State Farm State Farm's jingle is pretty catchy Plus they have a safe driver discount.

Is your insurance provider not on this list?

We’ve just listed the discounts we’ve found, but if you aren’t with any of the above, don’t worry! Many insurance companies will happily reward you for being a good and safe driver. If you’re ever in doubt, call up your insurance provider and ask if they’ll give you a discount for completing defensive driving.

How to claim your discounts

Once you’ve finished your Texas defensive driving course, fax, mail or hand-deliver your certificate of completion to your insurance company. Upon receipt, they’ll process it and apply the discount to your premium.

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