How to Get a Ticket Dismissed with Defensive Driving in Austin

From finding yourself going a little too fast on I-35 to allowing the frustration of MoPac traffic to get the best of you, there are many ways that a temporary lapse of judgment can lead to getting a ticket. The good news is, an approved Texas defensive driving course may be able to help you get your Austin traffic ticket dismissed. This can save you money, keep you from getting points on your driving record, and help you avoid higher car insurance rates. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Is Eligible for a Texas Defensive Driving Course?

Taking a defensive driving course can be a great idea for any driver. The lessons you'll learn will sharpen your driving skills and remind you of driving best practices. However, if you plan to use the course to remove a traffic ticket from your record, it's important to make sure you're eligible. 

In Austin and the rest of Texas, drivers are only allowed to take a defensive driving course once every 12 months for the purposes of dismissing a traffic ticket. To qualify, you must also be over 17 years of age at the time you received your violation and meet other State of Texas requirements. You'll also need to submit a Driver Safety Request form no later than the appearance date on your citation or make sure it's postmarked by that date.

Submitting Your Driver Safety Request 

Once you’ve verified that you qualify for ticket dismissal, you’ll need to follow a specific set of steps. The process begins with completing a Driver Safety Request form, which requires you to plead “no contest” to your traffic violation and waive your right to trial.

Before you take your driving safety course, you must submit the following items to Austin Municipal Court:

  • Completed request form

  • Proof of valid vehicle insurance policy (or another form of financial responsibility)

  • Copy of non-commercial driver’s license (unless you’re in the military)

  • A check or money order for $144 or $169 if the traffic offense happened in a school zone

Note that your request form also needs to be notarized. If mailing it in, you’ll need to sign the form in front of a notary before sending it. Otherwise, you can have it notarized when delivering it in person to the Austin Municipal Court.

You can mail all of your documentation to Austin Municipal Court, P.O. Box 2135, Austin, TX 78768 or deliver it in person to the Main Courthouse (6800 Burleson Rd., Bldg. 310, Ste 175) or Jaime Padron Substation (12425 Lamplight Village Avenue).

Completing Your Defensive Driving Course

You’ll have 90 days from the day your request is processed to complete your course and submit the required documentation. This includes:

  • Certificate of completion, indicating it is for the Austin Municipal Court

  • Copy of your driving record (version 3 or 3A) from the Texas Department of Safety

As long as you successfully complete an approved defensive driving course by the due date established by the courts, your case will be dismissed. You can visit the City of Austin Municipal Court Web Portal to confirm the date your initial request was processed. 

It’s very important to meet all of the requirements by the established deadline! Otherwise, you will receive a notice to appear in court to explain why you didn’t complete the course in time. If the courts find that your cause is not sufficient, the Driving Safety Request will be revoked, and you’ll automatically be found guilty of the traffic offense.

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