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California DMV Forms

We've compiled the most common California DMV forms and put them in one convenient place, including a checklist of everythign you need to get your license

California DMV forms

Paperwork isn’t fun for most people but it’s what makes the California Department of Motor Vehicles run! You need a form to do pretty much anything, that's why we got the most common DMV office forms and put them in one convenient place! We also included a checklist of all the documents and forms you will need to get your driver's license!

For any forms that are not listed above, you can visit the forms sections of the California DMV website. They have pretty much any form you can think of and more on the website including a form to report a school bus for cutting you off!

An important thing to note is that you can do many of the things that these forms allow you to do, online! For a complete list of online services that the California DMV offers (Plus a list of all of the regular services that your local DMV office offers) click here!