How to Change Your Name on Your Texas Drivers License

There are a few reasons people might have for changing their name: marriage, divorce, changing genders, or maybe just wanting a brand new name. Regardless of the reason, everyone will have to go through the same process of heading into the Texas Department of Public Safety office (DPS office) and changing their name on their driver license or identification card.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing your Name

First things first, you’ve got 30 days after your official name change to drive your motor vehicle over to the DPS office and have your driver license change to the new name. Luckily it’s a pretty easy process and shouldn’t take up too much of your time or energy. You’ll bring whatever official documents you have regarding the name change. These documents need to be legit originals because a certified copy will not be acceptable proof.

Here are the documents you’ll need depending on the type of name change:


  • Name change from marriage:
    • Marriage license or marriage certificate
  • Name change from divorce:
    • Divorce decree
  • Name change from a spouse’s death:
    • Spouse’s death certificate

Gender change-related

  • Certified court order name change

Other non-marriage, non-gender-related name changes

  • Bring one of these documents: - A certified court order for the name change - Amended birth certificate

Overall, the process of changing your name on your drivers license isn’t a difficult one, which is good because the process of actually changing your name through the social security administration is difficult enough. If you also need to change your residential address, please check out the information listed here.