Texas DPS Locations & Information

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a government organization that acts to protect residents of the Lone Star State through means such as handgun licensing, issuing Amber Alerts and maintaining criminal records. The DPS also handles the responsibilities held by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in other states. If you’re looking to get a Texas drivers license, you’ll need to visit a DPS office at some point.

After you’ve completed online drivers ed and completed your behind-the-wheel requirements, you’ll need to schedule a driving test at the Texas DPS. Look below to find the drivers license office closest to you. We’ve even included links that allow you to schedule your driving test at the Texas DPS online!

Find a Texas Department of Public Safety Office

The Texas DPS, sometimes called the DMV, handles the issuance of learner permits and driver licenses. Fun stuff. You’ll need to go to the DPS office when applying for an instruction permit, drivers license or identification card for the first time or when you need to renew your license. The Department of Public Safety also handles the permit test and driving test, so bring your A-game when you visit. The hours of operation may differ among Texas DMV locations, so do yourself a favor and find out more about your local DMV Texas office before going in. Whether you live in Austin, Houston, El Paso, Amarillo or anywhere in between, there's a DPS licensing office near you!

Get Your Texas Driver License or Permit

To get your Texas learners permit and driver license, you’re required to take a state-approved driver education course, like Aceable. That makes sense, right? At the completion of the course, you have to pass a written knowledge test, but don’t worry -- it’s not too bad. This written test allows those under age 18 to get an instruction permit and start driving with an adult in the passenger seat. Woo. It allows those over age 18 to go ahead and take the DMV driving test for a full license. Double woo. Teens age 18 and under must hold their learners permit for at least 6 months before taking the driving test to apply for a Texas drivers license. This rule helps keep young drivers safe, which is pretty doggone important. Learn more about getting an instruction permit or driver license in Texas.

How to Register Your Vehicle in Texas

Moving from out of state? Just bought your first car? Vehicle registration is something that needs to be at the top of your list. Before you can register at the Texas DPS, you need to have a few things in place.

Important Texas DPS Forms

Forms, forms, forms. At the DMV in Texas, you gotta fill out a lot of forms. You can also print some of these forms off the TX DMV website, like the application for a copy of your driving record or change of address form. If you’re applying for a learners permit or driver license for the first time, you’ll need to bring in documents that prove your identity, such as motor vehicle insurance, social security card and photo identification card. Check out the list of important Texas DPS forms below and visit the Aceable Help Center for more information about required documents.

Aceable driver's ed allows you to complete driver education online, on a smart phone or tablet. The course offers unlimited permit practice tests, and allows you to complete the DPS written exam in app!

Choose the drivers ed course that's right for you: teen PTDE or instructor taught or adult drivers ed. We also offer a Texas defensive driving course to help you dismiss a speeding ticket! Learn more by visiting the Texas DPS online.