Disabled Parking, Disabled Placards and Disabled Plates In Texas

We wrote a guide explaining the different types of disabled placards and plates as well as who qualifies for them and how to get them!

Disabled Parking, Disabled Placards and Disabled Plates In Texas

What the placards and plates mean in Texas

The blue placard which typically hangs from your rear view mirror is for individuals with a permanent disability and is renewable every 4 years.

The red placard is for individuals with a temporary disability and expires in 6 months or less.

The license plate with the International Symbol of Access (ISA) and is for individuals with a permanent disability.

If you have a disabled parking placard or a license plate with the ISA then you can park in any disability parking spaces or spot designated for disabled persons and are exempt from local and state government parking meters.

Who is eligible for Disabled Parking, Disabled Placard, and Disabled Plates

You are eligible for a placard and plate if you meet the legal definition of “disability”

The following qualify as a disability:

  • Visual acuity of 20/200 or less in your better eye with correcting lenses
  • Visual acuity of more than 20/200 but with a limited field of vision (visual field subtends an angle of 20 degrees or less)
  • Problems that significantly impair a person’s mobility which can be caused by
  • Paralysis
  • Cardiac deficiency
  • Lung Disease
  • Wheelchair confinement
  • Arthritis
  • Foot disorder
  • Other medical conditions that require you to use a brace, crutch, cane, or other assistive device.

How to Apply and Renew for a Disabled Placard and Disabled Plates

You can apply or renew for either or both placard and plates at your county tax assessor-collector’s office.

You will need your doctor to fill out the Disability statement section of the application and then submit the completed application to the assessor’s office.

If you are renewing you will also need to submit your original application or your expiring placard!

Another great resource for information about disability placards & disability plates is this brochure!

Disabled Veterans

To qualify for a Disabled Veteran license plate:

  • You must be a veteran of the US Armed Forces, with a service-connected disability of at least 50 percent, or at least 40 percent due to the amputation of a lower extremity
  • Be or have been honorably discharged and receiving compensation from the U.S. government due to the disability.
  • You must have signed approval by the US department of Veteran Affairs on your application or a letter from the VA that states that your are eligible.