Texas License & Specialty Plates

There are multiple types of license plates in Texas, from general issues to specialty plates that allow you to support causes or organizations.

General Issue License Plate in Texas

When you register your car in Texas you will be issued a set of license plates by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the plates that are issued after July 2012 are known as “The Texas Classic”. It is recommended to replace your plates every seven years as readability decreases over time making it more difficult for law enforcement to accurately see the letters and numbers on your license plate.

Specialty License Plates In Texas

Specialty plates are a great way to personalize your car, support an organization or cause, or show your membership in a group.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) partners with myplates.com to create the personalized plates, you can go on that website to pick what organization you want to support, what plates you want, and whether you want a random or personalized number and letter combination.

Refunds on Specialty License Plates in Texas

The Texas DMV does not issue refunds on specialty plates because each specialty plate is custom-made.

Renewals on Specialty License Plates in Texas

Specialty plates have to be renewed, either one year term, five-year term, or ten-year term the term length varies depending on the customization. The TX DMV will send a registration renewal notice before your license plate expires. If the license plate is not renewed within 60 days of the expiration date then your specialty plate will be canceled and available for anyone else to order.

Replacement License Plates In Texas

You can replace your license plate at a County Tax Assessor-collector office by submitting the Application for Replacement License Plate or Vehicle Registration Sticker and paying a $6 replacement fee and $1 automation fee.

Vanity Plates in Texas

Applying for a Texas vanity license plate doesn’t have to be hard. After all, anything with the word “vanity” in it is supposed to be fun, right? Through the Texas DMV, drivers can apply for all sorts of different specialty plates. Some of them can even be personalized. Think of the possibilities! Let’s dive into the rules and requirements for applying for a specialty license plate with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Nothing says vanity like a vanity plate that says vanity

The Texas DMV offers a large variety of special license plates, souvenir plates, disability plates military plates, and specialty plates for auction. You can find a full list of the types of plates you can order here. Depending on which plate you choose, you can order it online, by mail, or in person. When ordering your plate, you should remember that once you submit your application, the plate fees are non-refundable.

Ordering Online

Certain specialty plates are available online through MyPlates.com (the state's specialty plate vendor) or Texas.gov. Generally, plates available for order online include those that do not have any eligibility requirements.

To check if you can submit your plate online:

  • See the TX DMV's list of specialty plates.
  • Find and click on the plate you want.
  • Click the “Order" button at the top right.

If you click “Order" and it takes you to either MyPlates or Texas.gov, you may order online. If not, you'll be provided the appropriate application to order by mail or in person. Once you get to the online ordering system, follow the steps to order your plate. You will need a major credit card to complete your transaction.

You may also be able to personalize your plate choice online, so have your desired message ready when you order personalizing.

Ordering By Mail or In Person

Many plates, such as those with eligibility requirements (including military and veteran plates), must be ordered by mail or in person. To see the application steps:

  • Click on your plate in the list of specialty plates.
  • Check the eligibility requirements.
  • See the requirements in “How to Apply".
  • Click the “Order" button at the top right to get your application.

Once you've determined your eligibility for the plate and retrieved your application:

  • Complete the application.
  • Forms vary among plate types.
  • Gather any required proof of eligibility (if applicable).
  • Submit the application with any required fees to the address on the application.

For any questions on plates, contact your local county tax assessor-collector's office.

Personalized Plates

Many TX specialty plates are available for personalization, and a large variety of plates may be ordered and personalized online. If the plate requires an application by mail or in person, you'll fill in the personalization section of the appropriate application.

You may check the availability of your desired message on MyPlates.com or through Texas.gov. Additional fees will apply when personalizing your plate.

NOTE: Certain plates may not be eligible for personalization. Check your plate and application.

Now that you have all the info on how to get your Texas specialty license plate, here are some free ideas you can use for yours: BBYBOI, GUUURL, 2HOTTT, BLESSED. You’re welcome. Now get to exercising that free speech and go get plated!