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Illinois Online Adult Drivers Ed

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Regular $85
with Promotion $50

Illinois-approved & certified

We're the easy and convenient way for Illinois adults to meet state requirements for drivers ed.

Fun & engaging content

Modern content on any device via the web, your iPad, iPhone or Android device through our app.

Available anytime, anywhere

On-demand, interactive lessons help keep you engaged. No more sitting through a boring classes.

Sign up in-app or online

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All you have to do to get started is sign up for online Illinois drivers education with Aceable on the web or in our app. Our course is fully authorized by the Illinois Secretary of State (DMV) and takes just six hours to complete.


Get your completion certificate

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Move through the course at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want! You can take breaks when you need and pick back up again from any device. When you finish the course, we'll send your completion information to the Illinois Secretary of State. You should receive an emailed completion certificate within 24-72 hours.


Take the written exam & road test

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Head to the the nearest state driver services facility with your completion certificate and other required documents to take both the written knowledge exam and behind-the-wheel test. If you're not ready to take the driving test quite yet, you can get your adult permit and practice with other licensed adults until you're ready to go back and get your unrestricted license.


Go, drive, be free

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After you ace the written knowledge test and and driving test, you're all set to get your driver license. The open road is yours at last! Don't forget to buckle up!


Is Aceable approved and certified by the state of Illinois?

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Yes, we are 100% approved by the Illinois Secretary of State office. Aceable is the easiest and most convenient way for Illinois adults to meet state requirements for drivers ed.


Does this course expire?

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While the course doesn't expire, the state of Illinois does require that you complete the course within 30 days of beginning it. The course is only six hours, though, so we're sure you'll be able to finish it within this time.


What happens if I fail a level assessment?

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There are 11 levels in the course. At the end of each level is a ten-question multiple choice test. You'll need to score at least 75% or better in order to pass and go on to the next level. If you fail a level assessment, you can take it again. There is no limit on how many times you can take a level assessment and you don't have to pay again to take a level assessment more than once.


What happens if I fail the final exam?

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At the very end of the course is a 20-question final exam. You'll must score at least 75% or better in order to pass the course and receive a Certificate of Completion. You have two chances to pass the final exam. According to the state of Illinois, you fail the course if you are unable to pass the final exam within two tries. Unfortunately, Illinois requires that in these situations you repurchase the course and start from the very beginning again.


Am I required to complete any driving hours before getting my license?

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You aren't required to show proof of a set number of behind-the-wheel practice hours completed. However, you do need to take a driving test in order to get your license. Therefore, if you've never been behind-the-wheel or aren't quite comfortable with your driving skills, it's recommended that you get a permit before getting your license. That way you can practice driving before taking the driving test.


When will I get my Certificate of Completion?

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When you complete your six-hour course (11 levels), Aceable will send your completion information to the Illinois Secretary of State (ILSOS). Within 24-72 hours, the ILSOS will email you a Certificate of Completion. You'll need to print out a copy of this certificate to present at the Driver Services Facility when you get your license. Since your certificate will be emailed to you, it's important that you provide Aceable with an accurate email address that you have access to easily. If there's a mistake on your Certificate of Completion, please contact us at here. We'll work quickly with the ILSOS to correct your certificate. If you are an Aceable student who is 21 years old or older, you don't have to wait for a Certificate of Completion. You can go straight to the Driver Services Facility whenever you're ready and take the vision, written, and driving tests there.


What cities can I complete the Illinois drivers ed course?

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Our Illinois drivers ed course can be completed anywhere in the state of Illinois, whether you are in Chicago, Rockford, or Bloomington!