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Florida residents can now get a driver's license faster and easier than ever before with Aceable, the state-approved online Drug and Alcohol Course (Also known as TLSAE or DATA). Earn your Florida learner permit and license on the web or via mobile app with our self-paced course. We make driver training simple, so you can get your license quickly. The 4 hour Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education course is the shortest safe driver course allowed by law and is available on iOS, Android and web. What are you waiting for? Get Aceable, start driving!

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    DHSMV Course #NR2

    Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

    Take the state-authorized course to get your learner’s permit or license. Choose to purchase the permit test later or take it at the DMV office.

    $36 $15
    Final Exam Only

    Official Florida Permit Test

    Already took the Drug & Alcohol Course? Pass the Florida Knowledge Exam online and skip this step at the DHSMV.

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    Drug and Alcohol Course & Permit Exam

    Save time and money. Finish everything to get your permit in just hours, not weeks.

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    Why Choose Aceable?

    Earn Your Permit In Hours

    Take our fully state-approved TLSAE/Drug and Alcohol course right from your smartphone or computer. With Aceable, you can earn your learner license anytime, anywhere.

    Skip The Classroom

    Why take a semester-long course that you’ll just tune out? Aceable keeps you engaged and learning with bite-sized content, interactive quizzes, audio voiceover and multimedia.

    Take The Test From Home

    Prep for the Florida Knowledge Exam, or learner permit test, with our endless study guide in-app. When ready, you take the test via mobile app or on the web from the comfort of your own couch!