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Driving is serious business, that's why we’ve created a library of safe driving resources that are perfect for drivers ed students, new drivers, or seasoned drivers. Our Safe Driving Library has more than 80 free driver safety videos!

Aceable’s Safe Driving Library

Driving is serious business, to help, we've created a comprehensive resource library filled with safe driving tips and techniques. Our video collection offers guidance for tons of driving scenarios you might face along the way. From the fundamentals of defensive driving and navigating right-of-way rules to vehicle maintenance and what to do during a car accident, we provide all the knowledge you'll need to overcome unexpected challenges and hit the road with confidence.

Safe Driving Techniques

Preparing to Drive

Everything you need to know before hitting the road. Sometimes you gotta take care of things before you even start driving, such as financing a car and buying car insurance. These videos can help you handle these and other pre-driving tasks with ease. These topics may not be as fun as learning to drive, but they’re necessary parts of being a safe, responsible driver.

Basic Driving Maneuvers

Left turns, parallel parking, and two-point turns are just a few of the maneuvers every driver has to use regularly. Whether you’re new to driving or just want to brush up on the basics, check out these videos. You’ll be able to impress people with your A+ parking skills and your ability to command a vehicle at your will.

Defensive Driving Basics

What is defensive driving, and how can it keep you safe? Check out these videos to get answers to every question you may have, such as “What do I do about aggressive drivers?” and “How much space should I give the person in front of me when it’s snowing?” Be prepared for anything the open road can throw at you.

Distracted & Impaired Driving

Distractions and driving under the influence create some of the most hazardous situations on the roads. Find out just how dangerous impaired and distracted driving can be with these videos. You’ll learn all about distracted driving, including topics such as the different types of distractions, how to avoid road rage and the real cost of driving under the influence.

Driving in Hazardous Conditions

Snow, rain, extreme heat… all of these weather conditions can cause problems for drivers. These videos will make sure you stay safe in any kind of weather. Whether you’re road tripping across the Arizona desert or hitting Christmas in the Twin Cities, you’ll be ready for whatever mother nature can throw your way.

Driving in Emergency Situations

From crashes to tire blowouts, make sure you’re ready to handle any type of emergency situation you may run into. When the unpredictable happens, you’ll be prepared to deal with it, including what to do after an accident, what to do if you break down, and how to handle a tire blowout. After watching these videos you’ll be able to challenge your friends to timed tire-changing competitions like the pros.

Understanding Right of Way

Who gets the right of way, and in what situations? Find out about the most common scenarios and what to do in each of them, including managing uncontrolled intersections and when to give right of way generously.

Common Traffic Signs

There are a lot of signs posted on every road, and some of them can be confusing. With so many shapes and colors, we understand the struggle. Learn the meaning of every road sign you could possibly encounter, then quiz your passengers.

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Trending Safe Driving Topics

Whether you’re barely taking your online drivers ed course with Aceable, or you’re an experienced driver looking for some resources to stay safe on the road.

Aceable can guide you through all your drivers ed and defensive driving questions, from safe driving habits, to parallel parking, to how to dismiss your ticket.

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