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DL-64: Changing Your Address on Your Driver License or ID Card

There are a few reasons you might have for changing information on your driver license or ID card.

  • You move to a different address within Texas.
  • Your name changes, whether through marriage, divorce, or you straight up wanted a different name.
  • You need to change your driver license gender to reflect your true self.

Let’s talk about the form you need specifically to change your address: the DL-64.

There are three ways you can handle this form (in order of the Texas Department of Public Safety recommendation):

  • Fill the form out online
    • First, check out the eligibility requirements here. If you’re not eligible to change it online, you can mail it in
    • If you are eligible, you’ll need a printer, your current driver license/ID card, your social security number, & a credit card
  • Mail the form in
    • Complete the DL-64 and mail it in
      • You’ll need a $10 check/money order
  • Go to the DPS in person – Find a location here (link texas DPS overview when finished)
    • You will actually fill out a DL-43 for this option
      • The DPS recommends either filling it out online or mailing it in, as opposed to going in person

To check out how to change your address as a new Texas resident, check our info page here.