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Reinstating a suspended Texas Drivers License

Every case of license suspension can be different as you can have your license suspended for multiple reasons and varying amounts of time. The reason for the revoked license will also effect the length of the suspension period and the duration your driving privileges are revoked.

Reasons such as:

  • A DWI or BWI
  • Multiple traffic violations
  • Driving without car insurance and being in a car accident
  • Being evaluated as medically unable to drive a vehicle

As every case of license suspension is different the below guide is a general outline.

In certain cases you will have a hearing or can request a hearing to contest the driver license suspension. You can also request a suspension appeal in  the case that you do not agree with the outcome of your suspension hearing. Follow the instruction that are on your Department Of Public Safety Enforcement notification and any other legal documents provided to you by the DPS or courts.

If you have already had your hearing or will not have a hearing then:

You will need to wait out the driver license suspension period and complete the requirements that the DPS has set out for you in your enforcement notification in order to reinstate your driver license.

After you have done the above you will use the Texas Department of Public Safety online license eligibility service.

To use this service you will need to provide the following:

  • Your Driver License Number
  • Your birth date
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Payment for the fees
    • Court Fees
    • License Reinstatement fee

You will also need to submit any relevant or required suspension compliance documents and a financial responsibility insurance certificate from your insurance company to the DPS.

You can send those documents by mail to:

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Enforcement and Compliance Service

P.O. box 4087

Austin, TX 78773-0320

By Fax to: 512-424-2848

By e-mail to

Every case is different when it comes to suspended driver licenses, we recommend you visit the Texas DPS website to insure that you get the most accurate information that is related to your case to ensure that you can get your driving privileges back.