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Adult Drivers Ed For the Mobile Age

You’ve got adulting to do, and it can be challenging to get stuff done when you don’t have a driver license. But who’s got time to take drivers ed? You do, thanks to Aceable’s convenient and affordable courses, which are designed to take online or on your favorite mobile device. Our state-approved adult drivers ed courses were made specifically for busy people who want to learn the rules of the road on their own schedule. We currently offer Adult Drivers Ed in Texas and Illinois.

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Adult Drivers Ed Mobile App

State Approved & Certified Adult Drivers Education Courses

Adult Drivers Ed doesn’t have to be a pain. Learn the skills you need to get your license with our interactive, entertaining lesson plans and proven teaching methods. With our mobile-first platform, driving school comes to you whenever and wherever you want.

TDLR Course #C2839

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Earn your Texas drivers license faster than ever. Skip the DPS office and take the official knowledge test in-app.

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SecState #3352

Illinois Adult Drivers Ed

Get your Illinois driver license in days, not weeks. Free exam prep helps you nail the official written test.

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Get Your Drivers Ed Certificate and License

Once you’re finished with the course, we send you a certificate of completion so you can go to your local driver services office and get your driver license. It’s easy, and Aceable will be there to help you every step of the way!

Quick and Convenient

If you’re 18 or older, you can get your driver’s ed requirement completed in just six hours. You don’t have to sit in a classroom on your day off and you don’t have to be stuck at home clicking through an outdated online course. You choose when and where you want to swipe through Aceable’s modernized content, including videos and memes to keep things interesting.

Powerful Features, Great People

Our course is so fast and easy that you'll be done in no time. But if you do need help. our customer service team is here 7 days a week.

What Our Customers Say

"When it's time for your teen to get behind the wheel, you could start with a driver's education course at a brick-and-mortar school. Or you could be the cool parent and let your kid satisfy California's classroom requirement on a smartphone."
"The experience of taking a course through Aceable's app is a step up from most boring online driving classes, too."
"Each video-based lesson includes interactive questions - narrated by a sarcastic robot - and has clearly been designed with its teenage audience in mind."
"The idea is making the often boring required classes more like video games with leader boards and other features that make engaging in the coursework more fun."