The Stages of Getting A Drivers License, Explained by Drake

There's only one person who can accurately describe what it's like to finally get that coveted driver license. Last name ever, first name greatest. These are the stages of getting your license as told by Drake.

When you're sitting in the backseat of the minivan and see your friend with a license drive past.

When your birthday finally arrives and you're old enough to get a permit.

When your dad hands you the keys and lets you drive.

When you ask your parents if you can get a car and they laugh in your face.

When you're trying to look good in your license photo so naturally, you practice.

When you take drivers ed and it finally feels official.

When you pass your driver license test and know that you da real MVP.

Started from the bottom now we here.

When you suddenly realize a third of your money will be spent on gas.

When you have to deal with really bad drivers for the first time.

But then you roll up to school in the new whip, or rather, the 1998 Honda Accord, and way up you feel blessed.

And you realize that having your driver license has transformed you from Aubrey to Drizzy.

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Krista Doyle
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