Ultimate Guide to Indiana Defensive Driving

Indiana drivers may take a defensive driving course in two situations: when ordered to do so by the Indiana BMV or because they want to. If you have questions about defensive driving courses in Indiana, we have answers! Read on for more information.

What Are the Benefits of Indiana Defensive Driving?

Before we dive into the different legal scenarios for taking a defensive driving course in Indiana, let's have a look at the benefits.

  1. You are safer on the road. Defensive driving techniques keep you and others safer on the road. Getting rid of bad driving habits and replacing them with safe behaviors decreases your chances of accidents. For example, you must always keep a car's length between your vehicle and the next to prevent rear-ending. 

  2. You are less likely to receive a ticket. By driving safely, you are much less likely to break the rules of the road and receive a ticket.

  3. You reduce stress on your car. Aggressive driving can be hard on your vehicle. Slamming the breaks constantly, going from low to high speeds many times during a trip, and other bad habits can increase the wear and tear on your car. 

  4. You can save money on insurance. A defensive driving course on your file makes you a less risky driver, meaning lower insurance costs. If you have lost access to insurance because of traffic violations, taking a defensive driving course can convince an insurer to cover you again.

  5. You are better prepared to handle other bad drivers. Once you recognize your own bad driving habits and replace them with safe techniques, you can spot bad drivers. With defensive driving techniques, you can protect yourself against potential incidents caused by other drivers.

  6. You will improve your driving in bad weather conditions. An important part of defensive driving is learning how to drive safely in different weather conditions. 

How Many Times Can You Take a Defensive Driving Course in Indiana?

Technically, you can take a defensive driving course as many times as you like! But for most purposes, once is enough. Some people like to take a defensive driving course every five to ten years to refresh their skills and root out bad driving habits.

Today's defensive driving courses can be taken in-person or online and are very affordable. Many Indiana BMV-accredited defensive driving courses, such as Aceable's, are less than $60. Online delivery makes it easier to fit into your schedule as well. 

Why Should You Take an Indiana Defensive Driving Course?

While some people take defensive driving to be safer on the road, others take it to help reduce points on their license. In fact, after two or more traffic offenses within 12 months, the BMV may demand you take a course. For drivers under 21 years old, the state of Indiana requires a defensive driving course after two traffic offenses, no matter when they happened.

Indiana drivers without traffic violations can also take a defensive driving course to get a four-point credit on their driving record. These points can be used to offset future offenses. This credit can be applied once every three years.

What Is a Defensive Driving Course Like?

A defensive driving course presents good driving techniques that reduce the risk of accidents and traffic violations. Most defensive driving training nowadays is done via DVD or online, although you can take a classroom version if you prefer. The content is delivered via lectures, animations and videos. 

There is no theoretical or practical exam for Indiana BMV-accredited courses. Watching the entire contents of the course is enough to receive your credit or satisfy the court requirement.

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