Do You Have to Do Aceable All in One Sitting?

Let’s set the scene: You just enrolled in an Aceable Driving course. You’re chilling on the couch, swiping through this beautifully designed and delightfully useful content. It’s fine and all, you have to finish it, like, right now? What happens if you stop and close the app or the tab on your computer?

You can take as many breaks as you want with Aceable Don't worry about having to start over.

Aceable Will Save Your Place

Relax. The good news is that you don’t have to take Aceable in a single sitting. You can break it up into as many sessions as you want. You pick your class schedule! Every time you close or logout of your Aceable account, Ace saves your spot. You won’t lose any progress, and you pick up right where you left off. The bad news is… there isn’t any bad news. Didn’t that work out nicely?

You will be overwhelmed if you don't take a break When the information overload hits you.

Take Aceable With Unlimited Breaks

We don’t set any minimums on how long your course sessions need to be. If you’re super busy (or easily distracted...), you can totally do just a few pages at a time and Aceable won’t judge. The only thing that we might enforce are maximum time limits on certain courses. We only do this when it’s legally required by the state department that regulates the course. Sometimes, the state will ask that you take breaks and refrain from studying more than a certain number of hours per day. This is their way of encouraging you to take it easy and make sure you’re truly absorbing all that important stuff you’ve learned. The state may also require us to time you during an exam, which you should complete in one sitting within the time allotted. Don’t worry, Aceable will warn you before you take a timed test.

Take your time or breeze through Aceable Aceable is all about setting your own pace.

The following study session maximums are encouraged or enforced:

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed : Please limit your sessions to no more than 2 hours of coursework per day.

Texas Adult Drivers Ed : You must take at least 30 cumulative minutes in breaks if you choose to do the 6-hour course in one sitting.

Texas Instructor Taught Drivers Ed : You should not take more than 4 hours of the course per day.

Florida TLSAE : If you’re under 18, you can take the knowledge test online with Aceable. You must finish and submit the test within the 1-hour time limit.

Ohio Drivers Ed : Complete the course within 6 months of starting it.

Illinois Adult Drivers Ed : Take as few or as many breaks as you want, but finish this 6-hour course within 30 days.

California Drivers Ed : You should take 5 hours of break time over the course of the 30-hour program.

Texas Defensive Driving : Take an hour’s worth of breaks during the 6-hour course. Don't spend more than the state-approved maximum hours in the course Go ahead and relax.

TL;DR: Nope. You don’t have to take Aceable in one sitting. Take breaks!

Krista Doyle
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