How To Register Your Car In Texas

Registration frustration? Don’t worry, Aceable is here to help! Whether you’re moving from out of state or you’ve just purchased your first car, registration is something that needs to be at the top of your list. Before you can register at the Texas Department of Public Safety, you need to have a few things in place.

Registering your vehicle with the Texas DPS

  1. Insurance - You definitely won’t be able to register your car until you have auto insurance in place and have proof of insurance. Don’t have that auto insurance yet? Here is a great tool to find the insurance that is right for you and meets the requirements set by the Texas Department of Public Safety!
  2. Emissions Test - Prior to registering, you’ll need to get an emissions test (along with a safety inspection). This is a test to make sure your car isn’t polluting our beautiful Texas air. There are a few different types of emissions tests: On-Board Diagnostics: Second Generation (OBDI II), Acceleration Simulation Mode (AMS), and Two-Speed Idle (TSI). The type of emissions test you’ll receive will depend on the model year of your vehicle and your location. Find out which test your car will need here.
  3. Registration Fees - I’m sure you guessed registering your car wouldn’t be free and you were right. Be sure to read up on how much you’ll owe before heading to the DPS to register your vehicle.

If you have those three things taken care of before you go to the DPS, then you should be in good shape to get yourself registered. And remember, once you do get your vehicle registration sticker, it’s not just a one time thing. You’ll need to have it renewed yearly but don't worry you will get a registration renewal notice before your registration expires!. Go check out more details on Texas’ yearly vehicle registration requirements, then head to the DPS and get that registration!