Texas DPS Locations

It’s time! You’re ready to get a Texas driver license. That means you need to make a trip to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Not exactly sure where to go? No worries, Aceable has got you covered. There’s no need to worry, “Is there a DPS near me?”, as the Texas DPS has dozens of locations across the state, so there’s sure to be a DPS office near you. Whether you live in Austin, Garland, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio or somewhere in between, we can help you find the closest driver license office. All you have to do is gather up your DPS forms and go!

Check out the guide below to find the closest DPS office in each major Texas city.

Texas DPS Locations

Austin DPS Locations

There are 16 DPS locations in the greater-Austin, TX area. However, there are only three locations within the city limits.

Austin North Lamar: 6121 North Lamar Boulevard, AUSTIN, TX 78752, 512-424-2076

Austin Northwest: 13730 Research Boulevard, AUSTIN, TX 78750-1812, 512-464-3700

Austin South: 6425 South Interstate 35, Ste. 180, AUSTIN, TX 78744, 512-444-5241

Dallas DPS Locations

There are 4 DPS locations in the greater-Dallas, TX area. There is one location within the Dallas city limits.

Dallas-South Mega Center: 39025 LBJ Service Road, DALLAS, TX 75232, 214-330-3958

El Paso DPS Locations

There are 4 DPS locations in El Paso, TX.

El Paso Gateway: 7300 Gateway East, EL PASO, TX 79915, 915-598-3487

El Paso Hondo Pass: 4505 Hondo Pass, EL PASO, TX 79904, 915-751-6455

El Paso Northwest: 1854 Northwestern, EL PASO, TX 79912-1122, 915-877-1647

El Paso Scott Simpson: 11612 Scott Simpson Drive, EL PASO, TX 79936-6210, 915-849-4100

Fort Worth DPS Locations

There are 3 DPS locations in Fort Worth, TX.

Fort Worth East: 3500 Miller Avenue, Charles F. Griffin Sub-Courthouse, FORT WORTH, TX 76119, 817-413-6318

Fort Worth Mega Center: 8301 Brentwood Stair Road, FORT WORTH, TX 76120, 817-285-1900

Fort Worth South: 6413 Woodway Drive, FORT WORTH, TX 76133-5536, 817-294-1075

Houston DPS Locations

There are 9 DPS locations in the Houston, TX area with six locations within the city. Three of those locations are mega centers.

Houston North Mega Center: 8418 Veterans Memorial Drive, HOUSTON, TX 77088, 281-449-2685

Houston Southeast Mega Center: 10810 Galveston Rd (HWY 3), HOUSTON, TX 77034, 281-929-5300

Houston Gessner Mega Center: 12220 South Gessner Road, HOUSTON, TX 77071, 713-219-4100

San Antonio DPS Locations

There are 4 DPS locations in San Antonio, TX. Two of those locations are in the city of San Antonio itself.

San Antonio General McMullen: 1803 South General McMullen, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78226-1127, 210-436-6611

San Antonio South East: 6502 South New Braunfels Avenue, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78223-3014, 210-531-2240

Living in a Texas city we didn’t mention? Simply search for your nearest Department of Public Safety office using their Driver License Office locator tool. You’ll find each location’s phone number, hours of operation and a link to schedule an appointment online if available.

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