Texas adults who need their driver license fast can now take six hour online drivers ed with Aceable, the only Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approved driving course on a mobile app and the web. Is it really just six hours? Yep. Texas Adult Drivers Ed by Aceable is the shortest drivers course allowed by law and the easiest course to take on the go. It’s drivers ed that fits your schedule and still teaches you all of the necessary safety information.

Skip the classroom and take our state-legal driver ed course through iOS, Android or on the web. Start earning your Texas driver license at your pace, anytime, anywhere. It couldn’t be simpler to prepare for your DPS exam and road test. Try Aceable for free and purchase our adult driver education course when you’re ready. We've taught drivers all over the country. Let’s learn to drive and join the ranks of Texas drivers. 

Approved by the Texas DPS

Texas DPS approved adult drivers ed

We’re the easy and convenient way for Texas adult drivers to meet state requirements for drivers ed.

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Aceable drivers ed is available on all android and iOS devices

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The easiest way for Texas adults to earn their drivers license

Interactive content helps keep you engaged. No more boring driving school classes.

Aceable is the Modern & Affordable Driver’s Ed Course

The shortest drivers ed course available

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How Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed Works in Three Steps

Step 1: Take Aceable’s Texas Adult Drivers Ed

Texas requires you to take a six-hour adult drivers ed course if you’re between 18-24 years old and have never held a driver license. There are no timers in the course, so you can move through it as quickly as you like. The course never expires, so you don’t have to worry about any deadlines – Aceable works around your schedule.

At the end of the six-hour course, Aceable will provide you with the Written Knowledge Test so that you don’t have to worry about taking any kind of written exam at the Department of Public Safety. Instead, you’ll just have to ace your vision and driving exams.

If you are 25 years old or older, you’re allowed to take the written test at the DPS without showing proof of adult drivers ed. However, you can still take Aceable’s Texas Adult Drivers Ed course. This offers two big advantages:

  1. You don’t have to take the written test at the DPS. You can take it in our course without the fear of failing. You can take the written test as many times as needed in the Aceable app.
  2. Taking Aceable will prepare you with the knowledge you need to pass the behind-the-wheel exam at the DPS.

You can also take our Adult Drivers Ed course if:

  1. You’re an adult with an out-of-state license but the DPS is requiring you to take a drivers ed course before you can get your Texas license.
  2. Your license has expired and the DPS won’t renew it without proof that you’ve taken a drivers ed course.

Step 2: Get Your Certificate of Completion

When you finish our drivers education course, we’ll email you a Certificate of Completion within one hour. Your certificate will have a ‘P’ showing that you’ve passed the written test in our course and don’t have to take it again at the DPS office.

Step 3: Get Your Texas Adult License

After you receive your Certificate of Completion from Aceable, you can schedule your driving exam road test at your local DPS. At the DPS, you’ll need to present your documents and come prepared to ace your vision and driving exams.


Drivers Ed Made Simple

  • Take the actual DPS written license test in the course (skip the DPS test)
  • Learn anywhere, anytime on any device via web or through our iOS and Android apps
  • Free in-app voiceover included
  • Guaranteed to pass or your money back

What People Are Saying About Aceable

Great way to learn.

Aceable's app has 5 star ratings

“At first I thought it was strange to do Drivers Ed through an app, but it’s actually so handy. I always have my phone with me, so I can take the lessons whenever…The information is arranged nicely and I felt like I really learned everything thoroughly.” 

I love it!


“With Aceable, they make learning simple by using words that we could actually understand. I’m glad I found out about this app because I was actually dreading taking online drivers ed and now I find it exciting with all the memes and videos in the app.”

Very well done app.

five stars

“These courses are required to take a set amount of time and to cover certain materials. Aceable made [defensive driving] a more enjoyable process through its witty humor and thoughtful design elements…I was extremely satisfied with this product.”

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