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5 Surefire Ways to Ace Your Finals This Year

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It’s that wonderful time of year when holiday breaks are approaching, but FIRST you have to get through exams (ugh). We know this period can be stressful, so we’ve collected a few tips for you to remember during the study process.

1. Choose the right study spot:

When you find that perfect study spot. When you find that perfect study spot. Source:

Make sure you find a quiet, distraction-free area to work with a clean table or desk and all the necessities: a full water bottle, snacks, caffeine, extra pencils and noise-cancelling headphones. Even though studying with your friends sounds like a good idea, we promise that you’ll be far more productive if you can focus without tempting conversation and giggle fits.

2. Study old tests:

Flying through old test like... Flying through old test like... Source:

When it comes to prepping for a cumulative exam at the end of the semester, the absolute best resources you have are your former exams. Even though you may think you’ve forgotten the material, reviewing the original questions will refresh your memory and remind you which areas you need to pay extra attention to.

3. Take breaks:

Break Time

Cautious...This doesn’t mean you check Instagram every 10 minutes or meet up with your friend every half hour. BUT, studying (aka cramming) for long consecutive hours can actually be counterproductive since you’re so exhausted and more likely to lose focus. When you feel your brain becoming fried, it’s time to step away from your work and go for a walk, grab a meal, and steer clear of screen time to help you clear your mind and refuel for a fresh start later on in the day.

4. Get your sleep:

Sleep Source:

It’s easy to lose out on some sleep during stressful and busy study periods. But in order for you to be extremely productive, you have to sleep. If you need to sacrifice some Netflix or friend time during the week to do it, then it’s definitely worth it. Sleep is your number one tool.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Help Me Source:

Whether it’s meeting up with your teacher after class or asking the super smart guy in class to sit with you and go over a few problems, sometimes a little clarification can go a long way. Don’t be ashamed that you may need something explained again. Instead of spending hours trying to figure something out alone, you will be way more efficient in your study process by just getting a better picture painted by an expert.

Krista Doyle