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Lubbock, Meet Aceable Defensive Driving

Learn more about drivers ed and get exclusive offers

Lubbockites are in for a treat. They already love Aceable's drivers ed app and we've brought them something special once more: Aceable's new Defensive Driving App.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal featured us recently in an article that captures how Aceable is revolutionizing the required education field by going mobile.

> ““We know that teaching courses like defensive driving in classroom settings does not optimize learning or support how we all retain information. By updating the course content and developing it with all the capabilities a mobile experience offers, we are able to leverage the latest techniques in digital learning, while mirroring the realities of how and when consumers want to learn.””

— Blake Garrett, Founder and CEO of AceableThanks for the shoutout, Lubbock! Aceable is here to make it easy and painless to clear your ticket. No ticket? Having a little more money in the bank after an insurance discount sounds pretty good too.

Krista Doyle