How Long Do You Have to Take Drivers Ed in Ohio?

Want to get an Ohio drivers license?

Then you have to take a drivers ed course first.

If you’re at least 15 years and 5 months old you can sign up for a drivers ed course that’s approved by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). But you don’t have to spend time bored in a classroom. Today, teens can take courses online wherever they want.

How long will you have to study up? Here’s more info on how long you have to train before you can get that license to drive.

Working Your Way Up the 10 Levels of Classroom Instruction

An Ohio drivers ed course is a little like earning different colored belts in karate - but it doesn’t take nearly as long. You’ll start out as a white belt (a.k.a. complete newb) and work your way through 10 levels.

The total course instruction time is 24 hours . Sorry, you can’t breeze through it in one Redbull-fueled day. State laws mandate that only two hours of instruction time can be done in a 24-hour period.

Aceable is the quickest way to breeze through an Ohio BMV-approved drivers ed course. If you use the Aceable app you can knock out two hours each day and be done in less than two weeks .

Ohio drivers ed classroom instruction

Once you get through the first two levels, which takes two hours, you’ll be eligible to get a Certificate of Enrollment. This allows you to get a temporary instruction permit and start the hands-on driving portion of drivers ed.

Getting Instruction Time Behind the Wheel

The second step to drivers ed in Ohio involves getting behind the wheel. Once you have your temporary instruction permit you can strap into the driver’s seat - with a professional driving instructor in the vehicle, of course. *Note: you have to be 15 years and 6 months old to get behind the wheel.

Ohio drivers ed behind the wheel instruction

Over the course of eight hours of instruction , the driving instructor will teach you the fundamentals of driving safely. Like the online courses, Ohio state law limits each driving session to two hours .

How quickly you can line up the four 2-hour driving sessions depends on the availability of your school’s driving instructor.

Recap: Completing Drivers Ed in Ohio

To meet the drivers ed requirements in Ohio you have to complete:

  • 24 hours of classroom instruction (which can be done online) - 2 hours max per day
  • 8 hours of driving time - 2 hours max per driving session, one session per day

The 32 hours of instruction must be completed within six months of starting, although most teens get it done much sooner. If you stay on top of it you could get the Ohio drivers education completed in about two weeks , but that requires passing the permit test on your first try and your driving instructor’s schedule.

Image sources in order of appearance: Flickr , Aceable Instagram , Wikimedia

Krista Doyle
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