Florida residents can now get a driver's license faster and easier than ever before with Aceable, the state-approved online Drug and Alcohol Course (Also known as TLSAE). Earn your Florida learner permit and license on the web or via mobile app with our self-paced course -- anytime, anywhere. Aceable makes driver training simple, so you can get your license and move on. The four hour Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education course by Aceable is the shortest safe driver course allowed by law and is available on iOS, Android and web. Switch between devices with ease and complete learners permit at your convenience. What are you waiting for? Get Aceable, start driving!

Florida DHSMV Approved

Aceable is the only drivers ed app approved by the state of Florida

We’re the easy & convenient way for Florida teens to meet state requirements for drivers ed.

Parent & Teen Approved

Online Drug and Alcohol Course is perfect for busy teens and parents in Florida

Parent monitoring and in-car teaching tools put parents in the driver’s seat.

Fun & Modern Content

Florida Drug and Alcohol Course on any mobile device or computer

Interactive online content helps keep teens engaged. No need to sit in boring classrooms.

Drive awesome with Aceable’s easy & affordable Drug and Alcohol Course app

This isn’t your typical boring Florida driving school

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How the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course Works in Three Simple Steps

  1. Take the state-accredited online driving course with Aceable and be applicable for a permit or Florida driver's license in just four hours. If you’re between ages 14 and 17, you can take the Florida knowledge exam online with Aceable, while those age 18 and older must take it at the driver license office.
  2. Adults who have completed a driver training course can get their license as soon as they pass the knowledge exam and driving test at their local driver license office. Yippee! Teen drivers must first obtain a learner's permit and complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training before getting a license. Buckle up! It’s time to drive.
  3. Florida teens who complete the Aceable Drug and Alcohol Course and 50 hours of driving practice are now eligible for a Florida driver license. Head to the driver license office closest to you and ace the driving test! The open road awaits you!

Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Made Simple

  • Fulfill the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course requirement for your permit or license
  • The only Drug and Alcohol Course course available in an iPhone app, Android app, and Online. We teach wherever you learn best.
  • Free in-app study tools to ensure you pass the Florida permit test.
  • Parent monitoring tools keep young drivers on track.
  • In-app tools for behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • 5-star online driving school with awesome customer service.
  • Unlimited practice permit tests.
  • Approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
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What Parents & Teens In Florida Are Saying About Aceable

Absolutely love the convenience!
Aceable has 5-star reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers

“I’m so happy that I chose this app to teach my 16 year old…We went to a Jack White concert last night at a venue that is an hour away.  She was able to do a chapter in the car on the way to the concert and while returning home today.”

Super simple. Pretty Amazing!
5-star reviews

“As a 15 year old, I was a tad intimidated by drivers ed…but Aceable made it one of the easiest things to do. And on top of that, the staff is SO nice! Aceable has done an awesome job! (Guess you could say they…aced…the app!)”

Convenient, fun, and easy!

“I have two daughters using this app and they are breezing through it.  I can check their progress and see exactly what they are working on…Customer support is phenomenal!  I highly recommend this app for teens and their parent!”

Earn Your Florida Driver's License in Five Steps

Getting your Florida driver license is easy. Follow these five simple steps. Remember: If you’re a teen, it’ll take you at least a year for you to get your license. If you’re an adult, you’re on the fast track!

1. Take Aceable's Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

Sign up for the only state-approved TLSAE app. If small screens aren’t your thing, our course is also available on the web. Breeze through 12 levels in just 4 hours to get your learner license aka permit. Once you complete the course we will automatically let the state of Florida know.

2. Pass the Florida DMV's Written Knowledge Exam

Aceable is approved as a third-party test provider by the Florida DMV. If you are 14-17 years old and want to take your written knowledge test with Aceable- instead of taking it at the Driver License Office- you can purchase the test separately for $25.

Students will need to:

  • Answer 50 questions in 60 minutes
  • Score at least an 80% (40 out of 50 questions correct).
  • Pass all security questions.
  • Florida state law requires that you purchase the knowledge test again if you fail the test, fail a security question, or don’t complete the test in 60 minutes.

When you pass the written permit test with Aceable, your test results are sent electronically to the Florida DMV through a third-party test provider. Your test results should be reflected in the system within two days.

*If you’re 18 years old or older, the state of Florida requires that you take the written knowledge test at the Driver License Office.

3. Get Your Florida Learner's Permit

Head to the Driver License Office with all of your documents! Before you get your shiny new permit, you’ll have to take a vision test and hearing test (and written test, if you didn’t take it with Aceable).

There will be a $48 driver license fee, which also includes the learner license.

Note: Adults don’t need to get a permit. If you are 18 years or older, you can skip ahead to Step 5.

4. Complete 50 Behind The Wheel Hours

Practice driving with any licensed adult ages 21 and up (10 of these hours must be done at night).

Note: You can only drive during certain times of the day depending on how long you’ve had your permit:

  • 1st 3 months: during daylight only
  • After 3 months: 6 AM to 10 PM

To get your license, you’ll need to hold your permit for at least 12 months without any convictions or until you are 18 years old, whichever happens first.

5. Get Your Florida Driver's License

Ace your driving test and receive your license! The last fee you may have to pay is $20 if you don’t pass your driving skills test.

Adults, you’ll take your vision, hearing, written, and driving test all at the same time to get your license.

Driving hours are based on age:

  • 16 year olds: 6 AM to 11 PM
  • 17 year olds: 5 AM to 1 AM
  • 18 and up: no restrictions

Congrats on getting your license!

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