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Texas Defensive Driving

  • Fast ticket dismissal or insurance discounts!
  • Approved by all Texas courts
  • Dismiss your ticket on our mobile app or online
  • Overnight certificate delivery available!

Course Description

Need to dismiss a traffic ticket fast? Aceable lets you complete state-authorized Texas defensive driving on your phone, computer or tablet in just a few hours! We offer FREE standard certificate delivery, or, if you waited until the last minute, overnight options for only the cost of shipping! Aceable defensive driving is approved by the Texas Education Agency and all Texas courts. You can even use it to get a discount on car insurance. Cha-ching. That’s money in the bank.


The easy, most convenient way for anyone to meet state requirements for defensive driving from any computer or mobile device.


In as little as six hours, you can complete Aceable’s online defensive driving to dismiss your ticket or get insurance discounts!


Fun, interactive content keeps you engaged and lets you complete the Texas course on your time. No boring driving school classrooms.

How Aceable Defensive Driving Works

You have better things to do than sit in a classroom. Aceable makes defensive driving easy with our fully court-authorized mobile app.


If you’re using Aceable to dismiss a ticket, request permission to take defensive driving from your local Texas municipal court first via email, phone or in-person. Otherwise the court will assume you are paying the fine. Keep in mind that certain traffic violations may make you ineligible.


All you have to do to get started with Aceable is sign up online or in our app. The course is approximately six hours and completely self-paced, so you can move as fast or as slow as you please. If you want to take a break, your progress will always be saved and you can log in and out from any device. Aceable is compatible with iPhone, Android and web for your convenience.


After you finish the course, we’ll mail your certificate of completion for FREE (overnight shipping available for an extra fee). Present your certificate to any Texas court to dismiss your ticket. Or, show the ticket to your insurance agency to get a discount on car insurance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order my Driver Record from Aceable?

If you’re required to submit a driver record to your court, you can purchase one from Aceable at the very end of the course on the web or in the app. The record will cost $25 and will be mailed to you with your Certificate of Completion.

What happens if I fail a level assessment?

If you don’t pass a level assessment, you can take it again (up to three times). If you don’t pass a level assessment on your third attempt, however, you’ve failed the course. Unfortunately, the state of Texas requires that in these situations you repurchase the course and start from the very beginning again.

When will I get my Certificate of Completion?

Your Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you. The course comes with free standard shipping via the US Postal Service (USPS), and certificates sent out using this option should arrive within 5-12 business days.You can also purchase expedited shipping when you reach the end of the course. Here are the prices:

  • Next-Day – $45
  • Saturday Next-Day – $55
  • Second Day – $35
  • Third Day – $10

Where do I find my court name?

If you’re taking this course to dismiss a ticket, your Certificate of Completion needs to include the name of the court that gave you permission to take the course. If we don’t include a court name or if include an incorrect court name, your certificate could be turned away.If you’re confused about which court name to select, the name is usually listed on the traffic ticket that you received.Examples of accurate court names include, but are not limited to:

  • City of Austin Municipal Court
  • Harris County Justice Of The Peace – Precinct 5, Place 2
  • San Antonio Municipal Court
  • Williamson County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
In your course Student Profile, you’ll be asked to enter your court name. To make it easier for you, we’ve included a drop-down menu of all possible courts.

Is there a final exam?

There isn’t a final exam. Instead, there is a four-question level assessment at the end of each of the 12 levels. You need to pass each level assessment with a 75% or better to go on to the next level and pass the course.

My court deadline is coming up and I don’t know if I’ll receive my certificate in time. What can I do?

If you’re worried that the court will not accept late documents, call your court and ask them. Some courts offer a grace period to receive documents as long as you completed Aceable on or before the 90-day deadline set by your court. Most court websites don’t mention it, but it never hurts to call.

I lost my certificate. Can I get another one?

If you need another copy of your certificate, you can easily order one from Aceable for only $10 here. If you’re having trouble making your purchase, please contact us.

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