10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Drivers License This Fall

Fall is a busy season, and between midterm exams, after-school activities and football games with friends, you might feel like you don't have time to do it all. One thing you should squeeze into your schedule this season? Getting your driver license. Aceable makes it easy with our mobile-friendly course that's completely self-paced. You can take drivers ed and start earning your driver's license anytime, anywhere -- whether you're riding on the school bus or sitting in the stands at Homecoming. Check out our top-10 reasons why you should get your drivers license this fall.

1. Because the foliage is so gorgeous that you'll want to take long drives just to see all of it.


2. Because there's no better feeling than rolling down a car window and inhaling that crisp, cool autumn air.


3. Or rolling down the window and breathing in all those beautiful seasonal scents, like freshly fallen leaves or pop-up pumpkin patches.


4. Because your pumpkin spice latte is practically begging to be placed in a car cupholder as you drive to school or work in the morning.


5. Because your wrap-around scarf and twist knit sweater are oh-so cute, but definitely not enough to keep you warm when it gets a bit nippy outside. You need a car to get where you want to go.


6. Because you should be the one to drive over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house this year.


7. Because it's cuffing season. And you want someone to be your co-pilot.


8. Because you might be too old to go trick-or-treating, but someone needs to drive your little cousin to all the houses with the good candy this year.


9. Because being able to provide your own transportation makes it so much easier to do your holiday shopping.


10. And because if you have your driver license , that might justify asking for a car this year. Just sayin'.


Krista Doyle
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