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Ohio has six categories of drivers license suspensions, including an FRA drivers license suspension. But what exactly is an FRA drivers license suspension?
While some people sign up for driver’s ed the second they turn of age, others may put off the process for a little longer.
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Is driving a right or a privilege? The answer largely depends on who you ask, including the Supreme Court, and arguments can be made for both sides.
You can request Ohio custom license plates with logos and special character combinations, but going custom with your license plates will cost extra.
A new study by Aceable Driving examines why teens are motivated to learn how to drive and why some adults are waiting to get their license.
What’s cooler than cruising the beach with the windows down and the surf up? Nothing. Make sure to pack these things to make sure your trip stays fun!
Traffic is awful, but some cities have it worse than others. Traffic is worst in cities like Los Angeles and NYC, plus 8 others that might surprise you.
Heatstroke is deadly for both children and animals. Read this article to learn what to do if you see a child or dog in a locked hot car.