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Famous Horror Movie Locations You Can Road Trip To

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Whether you have to watch them with your hands over your eyes and the covers over your head or you like to sit with eyes-wide-open right in front of the TV, one of the greatest comforts for horror movie fans is that they aren’t real. As much as fall weather, may increase the spookiness of the season, viewers can take comfort in the fact that the scariest movies are generally works of pure fiction.

But what’s it like to come face to face with the villain from a horror movie? Hopefully we’ll never find out, but we can have the thrill of the next best thing by heading on a creepy road trip. These locations across several different states served as the backdrops for the most disturbing flicks of all time and what makes them even creepier is that they all exist IRL, beyond movie sets. That’s even scarier than fiction.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) - Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California

Nancy’s house on the scariest street of all time isn’t actually in Ohio. Any Los Angeles tourists and horror enthusiasts will be happy to know that it’s actually conveniently located right off of one of the city’s busiest streets. No, it won’t look like the Dream World-version. It’s actually pretty cute.

Freddy Krueger

2. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - Kingsland, Texas

The Antlers Hotel

The main house of horrors isn’t in its actual original location. The owners decided to move it piece-by-piece to Kingsland, Texas, where it menacingly sits on the grounds of The Antlers Hotel. Just the sight of it is plenty for some to run away, but others might want to book an extended stay.

3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) - Bastrop, Texas

From the outside, it appears to be the world’s most alarming gas station, but in reality this location serves as a highly-reviewed BBQ restaurant, Bilbo’s Texas Landmark. Of course, it can be easily found on Highway 304… right across from a cemetery. Appropriate.

Highway 304

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968) - Evans City, Butler County, Pennsylvania

Speaking of cemeteries: is there anything creepier? Get your chills and pass through the Evans City Cemetery, the scene from Night of the Living Dead’s introduction. Make sure you remain respectful of the property if you’re going to stop by.

5. Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Shopping at the Monroeville Mall may sound like a breezy, fun day of pampering, but at one point, it gave shop ‘till you drop a whole new meaning. This mall was the scene of the zombie massacre from George A. Romero’s classic film.

6. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

Not only can you drive by Buffalo Bill’s house, you could also be a potential owner of the property because it’s actually up for sale. A tour might be fun, but sleeping there every single night and remembering the ‘90s thriller? No thank you.

7. Halloween (1978) - 707 Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena, California

What looks like it could have been just the typical, cookie-cutter abode was actually the infamous scene of Michael Myers’ slashings. If you’re not near California and can’t do a cross-country trip, there’s also a replica in North Carolina.

Krista Doyle