All 51 Driver License Designs Ranked Worst to Best

Here at Aceable, we help people get their Texas drivers license , California drivers license , Florida drivers license , and really licenses for every state . And since there's a listicle for everything these days, we thought we'd make one for driver license designs, ranking them worst to best.

A note about driver licenses: There's lots of restrictions when it comes to designing them due to a recently passed Act of Congress called Real ID. This act requires state IDs, or driver licenses, to have tons security features that they didn't have before -- so if your license design has changed in the last few years, that's probably why. While not all driver licenses are currently Real ID compliant, state governments are working toward it because citizens boarding an airplane will be required to have Real ID by 2020.

In short, don't take these driver license design rankings too seriously. The design is less important than what they enable you to do (drive, duh.) But if your state ranks at the top of the list, definitely brag about it. Now on to the rankings!

51. Oklahoma

I'm so sorry, Oklahoma, but you're last.

oklahoma driver license

50. New Hampshire

Couldn't find a good image of a New Hampshire driver license, so by default ...

49. Illinois

Designer: What you want, fam?

Driver License Office Employee: You know the patterns that a lie detector makes?

Designer: Say no more.

illinois driver license

48. Oregon

Should we color in the rest? Nah, just leave it white.

oregon driver license

47. Ohio

Ohio did color in the rest.

ohio driver license

46. Utah

Keepin' it minimalistic.

utah driver license

45. Louisiana

The best part of this sample license is that that's not even a picture of a real human, but rather what appears to be a VINTAGE BARBIE.

louisiana driver license

44. Pennsylvania

Simple and straightforward.

pennsylvania driver license

43. Indiana

Very pink.

indiana driver license

42. Connecticut

Also pink. Plus, sail boats.

connecticut driver license

41. Nebraska

Feel like that's the palace in the Wizard of Oz.

nebraska driver license

40. Washington

I see you Mount Olympus.

washington driver license

39. South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is cooler cause it has faces.

south dakota driver license

38. Massachusetts

There's a lot happening.

massachusetts driver license

37. New Jersey

Ooh, capitol fading into state outline.

new jersey driver license

36. Vermont

Green, naturally.

vermont driver license

35. South Carolina

Palmetto! Iconic.

south carolina driver license

34. Michigan

Nice bridge.

michigan driver license

33. Iowa

Wind power for the win.

iowa driver license

32. North Carolina

No Wright Bros. airplane?

north carolina driver license image via

31. Wisconsin

Sorry, Wisconsin, but everyone did the capitol building thing.

wisconsin driver license

30. Kansas

Another capitol building.

kansas driver license

29. Alabama

Capitol building, again.

alabama driver license

28. New York

Very periwinkle.

new york driver license

27. Virginia

Looks like it could be foreign currency.

virginia driver license

26. Missouri

The first of many licenses that went with the city skyline concept.

missouri driver license

25. Texas

Ditto Missouri.

texas driver license

24. Tennessee

Ditto Missouri, ditto Texas.

tennessee driver license

23. Nevada

A+ use of wildlife.

nevada driver license

22. Minnesota

The gradient on that font, though.

minnesota driver license

21. Alaska

Mountains plus lots o' squiggles.

alaska driver license

20. Georgia

Them Georgia peaches.

georgia driver license image via

19. Florida

Aww, Nick Sample. <3

florida driver license

18. West Virginia

Ooh, an actual  photograph  of mountains this time.

west virginia driver license

17. Washington DC

Looks like a purple-y map of Europe.

washington dc driver license

16. Arkansas

Executed the ombré effect well.

arkansas drivre license

15. Mississippi

Spirograph pattern on point.

mississippi driver license

14. Montana

Not the best of the mountain-themed licenses, but also not the worst.

montana driver license

13. California


california driver license

12. Arizona

The Grand Canyon. Nice, but predictable.

arizona driver license

11. Kentucky

Pleasant-looking pastures.

kentucky driver license

10. Idaho

Pretty scenery, soothing colors.

idaho driver license

9. Maryland

Abstract. Also, the only license to fully utilize the state flag.

maryland driver license

8. Delaware

Tropical looking (despite Delaware not being very tropical).

delaware driver license

7. Wyoming

Bucking broncos. Cowboys. The epitome of the wild, wild west.

wyoming driver license

6. North Dakota


north dakota driver license

5. Maine

Moose! (cuter than bison)

maine driver license

4. Colorado

Font. Color palette. Yes.

colorado driver license

3. New Mexico

Desert scenes and geometric patterned everything.

photo via

2. Rhode Island

Sailboats, rocky cliffs, the setting for a Nicholas Sparks novel.

rhode island driver license

1. Hawaii

Also known as the fake ID McLovin' had in Superbad. See, this is why there are Real ID laws.

hawaii driver license

Krista Doyle