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How to Be a Nicer Driver on World Kindness Day (& every day)

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As drivers, we should strive to be kind every single day. This gets a little bit harder in gridlocked traffic or when we’re in a bit of a hurry, especially if we’ve just been cut off, flipped off, or honked at, but at the end of the day, courtesy is key.

Luckily, just in case you forgot, World Kindness Day is a great reminder of exactly what we should be. Here are eight ways you can be the kindest driver possible at every chance.

1. Signal appropriately

Signal Source:

Ok, this should be common sense, but we’re all human and we all forget sometimes. Using your signal appropriately is a courteous thing to do for each other and an easy way to practice kindness when dealing with other drivers.

2. Smile

Smile Source:

A smile has the power to make anyone’s day. Someone let you pass? Give ‘em a smile. Driving by a group of kids leaving school? Watch the speed limit in the school zone and give them a smile and a polite wave. You never know how much difference a simple smile can make.

3. Wave others over

Wave When it's a good day, and you wave for the car to go in front of you. Source:

We’ve all been stuck trying to get over for way too long. Do the right thing and make room for someone to get on over. You can wave other drivers over and give them the go-ahead to keep on moving. We’ve all got places to be and people to see. Make yourself one of the best people to see.

4. Slow down

Slow Down Source:

Alright, speed demon. Hurrying won’t help, and it will actually make the road a more dangerous place for anyone else behind the wheel. Stay off other drivers’ bumpers and be mindful of everyone’s safety.

5. Look both ways

Look both ways Source:

Don’t only keep other drivers in mind, but also remember pedestrians. Look both ways before you turn and make sure that you’re always aware of whether someone is walking and who has the right-of-way.

6. Change the channel

changes Source:

Your passengers will thank you. As much as you might love to play DJ, maybe just let your friend or your kids have a turn with their own playlist. They’ll be happy to sing along and it might actually give you a few new tunes to add to your own mix.

7. Clean up

Trash Source:

Littering not only carries heavy fines, it’s also damaging to our earth and its inhabitants. One of the kindest things a driver can do is to make sure that any trash remains in its proper place, instead of strewn on the roads or elsewhere.

8. Practice the Golden Rule

Rules Source:

See someone with a light out? Tell them. Notice their lights aren’t on at all? Flash yours. Do unto others.

Krista Doyle