5 Ways Your Texas Drivers License Can Save Your Life

Your drivers license photo is fire and you can drive wherever you desire. But surprise surprise, the license lets you do more than drive! You can use it to vote , work , fly , and save a life ![get my license button](https://aceable.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/get-my-license-mag.png) Here are five ways that your drivers license can save your life or somebody else’s.

1. If you lose your purse or wallet

Whoever finds your wallet can return it as long as your license is inside. Sure, losing your wallet isn’t “life-threatening,” but the stress it causes can shave a few years off your lifespan. You can cancel your credit cards and get a new license, but you’ll never be able to replace the Dave & Buster’s card you had stashed away.

If you ever find a lost wallet, here are four ways to return it.

  1. Flip through the wallet and look for identifying information like a drivers license, business card, or credit card. You can contact the owner yourself through phone or social media and arrange a meet-up.
  2. Drop it off at your local post office. If there is a drivers license with an address inside the wallet, the postal system will mail it to the rightful owner, free of charge.
  3. Drop it off at a bank branch that the owner has an account with. The bank will contact the owner to pick it up.
  4. Drop it off at the nearest police station. This is the best option if the wallet doesn’t have any identifying information. The police will keep it in the evidence room and hunt down the owner by pulling up records and employing other modern detective practices, like stalking social media accounts.

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2. If you are stranded on the road

You can contact the Texas Roadside Assistance number that is listed on the back of your drivers license. The toll-free number is not meant for emergency situations, but it’ll connect you with a DPS operator who will get you in touch with the police or send a unit to where you are.

You should call the number when you are stranded with car problems, in hazardous road conditions, or when there are dangerous drivers in the area. Note that calling the number doesn’t give you a free tow, extra fuel, or repair services; it just connects you with local law enforcement.

3. If you are in a car accident

First responders can use your license to identify who you are if your injury inhibits your ability to speak. That will get you admitted to a hospital and allow the staff to contact your family members.

The reverse side of a Texas license also has designated areas for you to fill in additional medical information. You can write down your emergency contact number or any drugs you are allergic to with a permanent ink pen.

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4. If you are kidnapped or go missing

News agencies and other organizations will publicize information such as your eye color, height, and weight so people know who to look for. This personal information is registered under your drivers license, so make sure to update it whenever you renew your license. If you grew a few inches since the last time you step foot in the DMV, brag about it! It could save your life.

5. If you pass away

Your organs can be donated to save as many as eight lives. The organ donor program is completely optional, but if you opt in, a small red heart will be printed on your drivers license, indicating your consent to donate your organs, tissue, and eyes if you pass away.

On average, 22 people die every day while waiting on the organ donor list. You can join the Donate Texas Life Registry and save lives by registering on their website or in-person at the DPS when you obtain or renew your license.

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Krista Doyle
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