Important Texas DPS Forms

Ahh, paperwork. Nobody loves it, but sometimes you have to do less-enjoyable tasks so you can accomplish the finer things in life (like getting your driver license.) That’s why Aceable is here: to help you clear the roadblocks of life. And the Texas Department of Public Safety does love themselves some paperwork roadblocks. No worries! We found the most common Texas DPS forms and placed them here, just for you (and other soon-to-be Texas drivers.)

Note: If you’d like more info about the licensing process and Texas Department of Public Safety’s forms, check out our Texas DMV resource page. They're Texas drivers step-by-step guide to getting their learner’s permit and driver license.

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form

You’ll use your VOE form to show the DPS office proof of your school enrollment. Unacceptable proofs of school enrollment include your school identification card, a classroom selfie, or a portion of yesterday’s cafeteria meatloaf.

PTDE Packet

Every student who enrolls in the Texas Parent Taught Driver Education program must get the Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation's PTDE packet. It's got all the forms a PTDE student will need to get their Texas driver license.

Reminder: You'll also need to pick a PTDE course provider, and guess what? Our app is TDLR-approved as a course provider for the Parent Taught Driver Education program.

Hardship License Application

With the Hardship License Application, Texan residents at least 15 years old who demonstrate unusual hardship may apply to get their driver license before their sixteenth birthday.

DL-64 Change of Address Form

Moving across town? Remember to update your driver license address!

Note: You can also do it online!

DL-5 Texas Residency Affidavit

For certain applications (getting your license, permit, etc.), you’ll need to show proof of Texas residency. And no, simply saying "y’all" will not suffice.

DL-7 Texas Driver Handbook

The Texas Driver Handbook is authored by the Texas Department of Public Safety. It helps new drivers qualify for a Texas driver license AND it helps Texans become safer drivers. The handbook isn’t an official reference to Texas traffic laws, but the state does want it to provide guidance on the federal and state laws drivers must understand to successfully operate a vehicle in Texas.

When to read the Texas Driver Handbook

  1. You’re preparing for your knowledge test. If you take a Texas drivers ed course with Aceable you can take the permit test on our app instead of making a trip to the Texas DPS office.
  2. You’re studying for your Texas CDL test. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to check out the Texas CDL Handbook (DL-7C) too.
  3. You need a refresher on the traffic laws. Maybe you got a ticket and want to brush up on the laws before taking a Texas defensive driving course.
  4. You want to learn more about how to get your permit or Texas drivers license. We’ve also got a Step-by-Step guide to getting your Texas drivers license that makes everything easy to understand.
  5. You plan to own a vehicle. The Texas Driver Handbook contains motor vehicle information on car registration, license plates, state requirements, etc.).

DR-1 Application for Copy of Driver Record

Going to the DPS office to see how many speeding tickets you got in your younger, reckless years? This is the form you'll need.

Note: You can also order a copy of your driver record online.