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3 Ways Your Texas Drivers License Can Help You Get A Job

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Your drivers license photo is fire and you can drive wherever you desire. But surprise surprise, the license lets you do more than drive! You can use it to vote, work, fly, and save a life! get my license buttonHere are three ways that your drivers license can help you get a job and start making some cold, hard cash.

1. You can drive to work now!

Some responsibilities, like delivering pizzas, require you to drive around town in order to do the job. Other positions will require you to have reliable transportation to make sure you get to work on time.

Unless your city has amazing public transportation, it may be a hassle to work a job on the other side of town without a car. You can certainly try carpooling with other people, but having your own ride will make your life (and job) a lot easier.

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2. You can obtain a Commercial Drivers License

Getting a normal drivers license is the first step towards getting a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). You need a CDL if a job involves driving commercial vehicles that transport goods or paying passengers, such as city busses, delivery trucks, or taxicabs.

You can review the Texas Commercial Vehicle Drivers Handbook for full details, but here’s the breakdown of what you need to obtain a CDL:

  1. Go to your local DPS office
  2. Present your current drivers license and completed CDL applications (Form DL-14A and Form CDL-1)
  3. Provide proof of identity, Texas residency, Social Security Number, and Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance
  4. Submit a medical certification form
  5. Pass the vision test and multiple choice knowledge test
  6. You’ll receive a commercial learner’s permit (CLP)
  7. Practice driving a commercial vehicle accompanied by a licensed commercial driver over the age of 21
  8. After holding the permit for at least 14 days, return to the DPS and take the driving skills test, which includes vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control, and a road test
  9. If you pass the driving skills test, you’ve earned your full CDL!

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3. You can make money on your own time

Whether you’re a busy student or already working another job, there are plenty of ways to buff up your wallet during your spare time, no matter what time that may be.


Not all your friends will pay gas money when you give them rides. However, If you drive for Lyft or Uber, you’ll be matched with paying customers for you to drive around and enjoy some good conversation with.

Deliver food and other goodies

Are you a foodie? Deliver food and explore local restaurants while you're at it with Grubhub. If you’re a shopaholic, Favor will pay you to buy stuff for other people. And if you’re a fan of Guy’s Grocery Games, you’ll love filling grocery baskets with Instacart.

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Move it move it

If you own a truck and live in Austin or San Marcos, you can help people move furniture and earn up to $40 an hour with Buddytruk.

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Krista Doyle