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Aceable is an International Hit

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Texas teens, consider yourselves lucky to be the first drivers to get their licenses using a mobile app. Aceable has tech savvy folks from other sides of the world admiring our drivers ed course!

Take a look at this article from AppNews to see if you've been paying enough attention in French class. If Google Translate is any indicator, our fans in France think we're pretty innovative. And French people know what's cool. (Evidence: Coco Chanel and crepes.)

We also got a mention from down under. Listen to an interview about Aceable posted on Behind the Wheel. These Australians agreed with our philosophy that it's time for drivers ed to get modern and mobile for today's young drivers.

As much as we'd love to take over the world, we're still focused on improving drivers ed choices in the United States first. Which state should Ace go to next?

Krista Doyle