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Aceable Launches First-Ever Defensive Driving iOS App

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Texas first state to offer app defensive driving course; leverages latest in mobile learning technologies to improve how we learn and retain information

AUSTIN, TX – January 20, 2015 – Today, Aceable launched the first-ever defensive driving course available through a mobile app. The mobile learning platform’s new native app, called Defensive Driving by Aceable, is immediately available on iOS and through the Aceable website to all Texas drivers as an alternative to classroom-based and web defensive driving courses. This marks Aceable’s second significant product launch, following the successful rollout of its drivers ed app in 2014 that now has more than 30,000 users in Texas alone.

After downloading the app, customers will encounter an entire defensive driving curriculum, delivered with 21st century content and a slick user experience. The course thoroughly covers all 12 sections of the state-required curriculum for Driving Safety and has been approved by the Texas Education Agency. The five-hour course is packed with modern and enjoyable content, witty writing, and new videos that show drivers how to stay safe on the road.

“We know that teaching courses like defensive driving in a classroom setting does not optimize learning or support how we all retain information,” said Blake Garrett, founder and CEO of Aceable. “By updating the course content and developing it with all the capabilities a mobile experience offers, we are able to leverage the latest techniques in digital learning, while mirroring the realities of how and when consumers want to learn.”

Last year, more than 600,000 drivers across the state enrolled in defensive driving, often requiring time away from work or family and the need to incur expensive costs like childcare. With Aceable’s new app, busy drivers will be able to benefit from the education and skills learned in defensive driving without the added costs and inconveniences. The advantage for people using Aceable is that they can complete the course whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. Instead of having to sit through a five-hour course all at once, users can do the work in increments when they have time, enabling them to balance their schedule with the requirements for defensive driving.

Aceable plans to expand its driving apps outside of Texas, while exploring new areas of education and standardized testing that can benefit from a new digital learning experience.

About Aceable

Aceable is driving education forward with its mobile-first platform that transforms stale institutional knowledge into practical understanding. Based in Austin, Texas, Aceable’s mobile-based learning platform can serve as the foundation for many types of education. Available on iOS, their flagship apps for Driver’s Education and Defensive Driving help students fulfill their course requirements whenever and wherever it's convenient for them. For more information, visit

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