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SXSW 2014: Who is on the best startups list?

There’s a little festival in Austin that happens each March. Just a small thing. Not corporate at all. Really not even a big deal. It’s called South by Southwest (“South by” to the locals). Remember the name because maybe you’ll hear of it in the future.

Obviously, we’re kidding! There is zero need to go into detail about how big, awesome, and inventive SXSW is. What we do want to elaborate on is who was chosen as one of the ten best startups in Austin. We’re blushing, really…

sxsw2014CEO, Blake Garrett speaking to Dennis Kashkin”/> CEO, Blake Garrett speaking to Dennis Kashkin[/caption]

Aceable is among the list of startups under the well-known Capital Factory incubator. We’re glad to know South by folks are into Aceable’s vision of moving required education forward with innovative, convenient apps and fun, engaging content. And, a big shout out to all our other friends on the list! Congrats y’all.


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