The Spookiest Haunted Houses You Can Drive to in Texas

Well, ‘tis the season. Fall means pumpkin spice lattes, flannels, and strategically picking out animal ears for Halloween. These are all amazing ways to usher in autumn, but the greatest way to celebrate is with a good, old-fashioned haunted house.

For as beautiful and cozy as it can be, fall can also be pretty scary. Bring the horror flicks to life and avoid sleeping for a few weeks with the help of these seasonally spooky haunted houses, each within driving distance from the major regions of Texas.

1. Amarillo Scaregrounds - Amarillo, Texas

Armarillo Scareground

One of the most highly-review haunted attractions in the state, the Amarillo Scaregrounds boast something to satisfy everyone’s biggest fear, from clowns to chainsaws to dark mazes. Good luck falling asleep after this one.

2. Graystone Haunted Manor - Longview, Texas

Graystone Haunted Manor

Boo! Graystone Manor looks like it’s straight out of a Goosebumps book and according to its visitors, it feels even creepier. Its multiple rooms and houses give life to an even more unsettling backstory. Yikes.

3. The Kingwood Asylum - Kingwood, Texas

The Kingwood Asylum

If you’re afraid of clowns and/or couldn’t bear to see It, this will be your nightmare come true. The Asylum boasts packed crowds every October, so make sure to buy your tickets in advance. The scares are worth it.

4. Creepy Hollow Haunted House - Rosharon, Texas

Creepy Hallow Haunted House

Creepy Hollow was voted the scariest haunted house in Texas, according to its website. Not so scary is that a portion of its proceeds go to charity, making your screams into a good cause.

5. Phobia Haunted Houses - Houston, Texas


Where the most frightening thing about most haunted houses is the line to get in, reviewers say that Phobia boasts short wait times for big thrills and jumps. There are six different styles of “haunts” all in one location.

6. Dan’s Haunted House - Lake Dallas, Texas

Dan's Haunted House

According to visitors, this is a place unlike any other. Its themes involves Japanese folklore and horror stories, making it a unique gem among the usual expected tropes and costumes.

7. House of Torment - Austin, Texas

House of Torment

Those who are impressed by production value will not be disappointed by the House of Torment. The haunted house has an expert setup of lights, sounds and production, all for maximum fear. ‘Tis the season.

Krista Doyle
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