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Top 5 Fourth of July Activities for Teens in the Bay Area

Fourth of July in the Bay Area

What up, Bay Area? Let’s talk about the Fourth of July and what you should be doing. We hope you don’t already have plans because this list of holiday events is about to be hard to beat. Spend your Fourth of July in the Bay Area making it one to remember.

San Francisco Symphony with Fireworks

The biggest event of the holiday weekend is probably the San Francisco Symphony with Fireworks. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event and will have the theme Summer of Love: A Legacy of Love. The night will finish up with a killer fireworks show. Get yourself some tickets here.

Feel the LOVE

Fillmore Jazz Festival

Not too many things are as smooth as the Fillmore Jazz Festival. You bet your jazz it’ll be a great time. The festival takes place over the weekend with events both Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:00 am and ending around 6:00 pm. Did we mention there are five stages full of all the jazz you could want? Plus, free swing dancing lessons!

check out the jazz festival on the fourth of july in the bay area
Tiny, tiny jazz.

4th at the Wharf

Spend the 4th at 4th at the Wharf. Besides the cool name, this free event is open to everyone. There will be tons of music all day, including an 80’s cover band and a Bay Area Dance Party band. The event ends with the city-sponsored fireworks show (thanks San Fran) over the Bay, where you are welcome to watch the ‘works from the waterfront.

City of El Cerrito & worldOne 4th of July Festival

You should definitely check out the City of El Cerrito & worldOne 4th of July Festival this 4th of July from 10 am – 6 pm. For real. Some people call it “the best kept secret in the Bay Area.” Arts, crafts, food, music from all over the world, cultural presentations… they even have prizes! Dang, you gotta get there.  

el cerrito worldone fourth of july festival in the bay area
Photo courtesy of Garden Delights Arts

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is open on Tuesday, July 4th to help you fill your holiday with science and the attempt to understand the world around you. Beat the heat and check out all their interactive exhibits that will immerse you in science and the power of knowledge- also in the sweet cool of indoor AC.

you'll get so much science if you go to the exploratorium this fourth of july in the bay area
dis be you

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