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Dashboard Warning Light Meanings

What do those lights on your dashboard mean? Your car is trying to tell you something. Learn common vehicle warning lights and what to do about them.

Sometimes your car is trying to tell you that it needs something or that something wrong. How do you know what it's trying to say? Unless you speak autotongue, or you have some sort of advanced 2016 vehicle that talks to you like Knight Rider, you’ll have to pay attention to the vehicle warning lights, aka car emoji Your car's emoji are trying to tell you something pt. 1 Your car's emoji are trying to tell you something pt. 1, on the dashboard. They’re not just shiny dashboard accessories - these beacons of safety are indicators that let you know if your car is struggling or has become unsafe to drive. Know the symbols and what they mean.

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1. This is your oil pressure light which means something is wrong with the oil level in your carOil pressure light indicator. Emergency! That’s your vehicle’s way of say that something is terribly wrong. There is either too much or not enough oil in your car’s engine, both of which are serious problems. This can cause permanent damage, making your car undriveable. Immediately call for assistance because you probably shouldn’t drive your car until you get it checked out because you’re probably losing the most important fluid.

2. Your engine temperature light means your car might overheatEngine temperature light indicator. ~It’s getting hot in there, so turn off your car now.~ If you see this symbol, you wanna pull over immediately and turn your car off. If your car gets too hot, it can permanently and irreparably damage the engine. If you can’t pull over immediately, turning on the hot air can help release some of the heat. If your car doesn’t return to the normal temp, call for help. When you get to a safe place and the radiator has cooled off, fill that puppy up with some coolant! Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're driving in hot weather.

3. Your alternator warning light means you don't have the powerAlternator warning light indicator. You ain’t got the juice because of a malfunction somewhere. Turn off all unnecessary electrical devices, such as the radio and the heat/air conditioner so you can give all your power to the hungry hungry engine. You may notice things moving slower than normal, such as power windows. Take your car to get serviced immediately.

It’s important to always keep an eye out for any unusual lighting that pop up on your dash. They usually mean you have to start paying attention to something or there’s an issue with your car that wasn’t there before. They’re trying to tell you something really, really important, so don’t ignore them - it’s how vehicles communicate with you. Take the appropriate action for that specific light. If not, you’ll tire yourself out worrying about what could go wrong. Owners manuals contain all the info about your vehicle’s warning lights and what a specific light indicates, so make sure you check them out.

Your car's vehicle warning lights are trying to tell you something Your car.